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BIZZKIT is an online education platform that aims to provide free business training, tools and resources to aspiring entrepreneurs globally. Our Mission is to make professional business tools accessible to entrepreneurs worldwide. BIZZKIT offers various learning materials like templates, guides, calculators, book summaries and online courses to help entrepreneurs acquire skills to start and grow businesses. It utilizes a mobile-friendly format for easy access. The platform aims to advance UN Sustainable Development Goals, including Quality Education and Decent Work/Economic Growth, by enabling entrepreneur-driven development and growth worldwide. In summary, BIZZKIT presents an innovative, SDG-aligned idea for an inclusive entrepreneurship education platform that can create economic and social impact on a global scale. It aims to provide knowledge tools to unlock potential and drive progress.


As a social media manager and marketing assistant, I have experience developing engaging content, optimizing campaigns, and growing brand presence on social platforms. I am skilled at analyzing audience data to shape messaging and maximize engagement. I can support nonprofits and social enterprises focused on education, economic empowerment and sustainability by managing their social media presence and campaigns. My skills in content creation, community interaction and data-driven marketing can help amplify their brand, initiatives and impact. As a student assistant, I have experience providing administrative and event support. I can assist organizations with tasks like content creation, event planning, and community outreach. In summary, I can offer hands-on support in social media marketing, community engagement, content development, administrative tasks, and events planning to help mission-driven organizations expand their reach and achieve their goals.

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