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eco hero petition

eco hero petition

"Let’s start with 10,000 voices by May the 5th 2023 and evolve globally to turn the day of the ECO HERO into a global celebration"

While there exist a lot of memorable days that celebrate nature and the natural elements, there are none that celebrate the ECO HEROES who dedicate themselves to preserving, restoring, and protecting our ecosystems and life on planet earth.

To fill this gap, our esteemed member of the 2022 Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition panel of judges, Pamela Peeters invites you to sign this petition if you answer “yes” to the following question(s)

  • Are you ready to join a global celebration of Eco Heroes for Our Planet?
  • Do you want to make a difference but are not sure how to get started?
  • Is the impact of climate change filling you with fear and uncertainty?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the ongoing news coverage of environmental disasters?
  • Do you think we should live in balance within our earth’s boundaries?

This day would celebrate all the extraordinary people who have often worked in the shadows and were frequently harassed and ridiculed because they “questioned the status quo,” or were simply too visionary for their time. Some were even murdered, simply because they denounced injustices or took on the plight of safeguarding the future for the next generations to come.


ECO HEROES are not bound by gender, race, culture, class, religion, or country of birth. They are inspired by their love and respect for our planet and understand that healthy and balanced ecosystems are conditions for quality lifestyles.

These people need their platform and through the new “DAY OF THE ECO HERO,” they obtain that through an annual event that takes place on May the 5th.

Are you ready to celebrate the eco heroes of our earth?

The “Day of the Eco Hero” is the new day for the HEROES who invest in ecology, ecosystems, and the new economy and those people who are known to make a positive mark benefiting Earth. We celebrate their initiatives and their legacy. Others, who want to learn how they can become an Eco Hero too and make a difference as well are invited to take our course and pick up the “Eco Hero Challenge,” a practical exercise through which they will learn about sustainable lifestyles.

Launched at the Belgian Senat in 2017 by environmental economist Pamela Peeters, the “Day of the Eco Hero” has already been celebrated by and with many dedicated people who are passionate about our Earth Mother.

Some of our past presenters:

Bertrand Piccard, Solar Impulse project and pilot - Switzerland.
Gaelin Rosenwaks: explorer, marine scientist, photographer, filmmaker - USA
Dr. Eugenio Scannavino: operates out of the Amazon rainforest reaching 30,000 indigenous people - in Brazil
Nilda Mesa, Director, Urban Sustainability and Equity Planning, Center for Sustainable Urban Development, Columbia University - USA
Luc Bas, Climate and Nature Ambassador - European Environmental Agency
Miepie Questier, former director of BPW Belgium (Business and Professional Women’s Club)
Dr. Martin Nweeia, marine mammal scientist - USA
Geoffroy Morre, sustainability coordinator Senat - Belgium
Frank Fol, the Vegetable Chef - Belgium
Eng.Davy Ottevaere, soil expert - Belgium
Hilde De Laet, Manager Water Museum Hidrodoe - Belgium
Valerie Thys, sustainability & climate change expert - Belgium
Participants of the “Day of the Eco Hero” come from the following countries: Belgium, Brazil, Canada, the USA, Portugal, Egypt, France, Mexico, and Nigeria. With this petition, we invite all the citizens of the world to start celebrating the “Day of the Eco Hero” on May 5th.

"Join us in creating a Sustainable Future for Our Planet!"

"You are invited to sign the petition and tell us why you are an Eco Hero, want to be an Eco Hero, or have other reasons for signing!
Let’s start with 10,000 voices by May the 5th 2023 and evolve globally."

The person behind this initiative is an environmental economist and sustainability strategist Pamela Peeters who is known for her lifelong dedication to building bridges between the human world and the natural environment.

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