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Veröffentlicht am: Jul 7, 2010
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Social Entrepreneurship

William Utnehmer, Los Angeles, developed an idea to support students interested in social entrepreneurship. It is a free to use, peer to peer online platform designed as a social network for incubating and launching socially conscious ventures. People who need help will have the tool to connect with people that can help them. It is designed to guide individuals to personal, sustainable, social responsibility by fulfilling their needs.

Den Podcast (Mp3 Datei des Videos) können Sie hier herunterladen bzw. hier hören:

00:00 Begrüßung
00:25 Social Entrepreneurship: How did you start?
06:20 Can you apply business discipline to school / pedagogy?
08:40 What does business discipline mean exactly?
10:05 What does your online platform offer?
14:50 What is the situation in Berlin?
18:30 What is your dream for Berlin?
22:00 How are we going to do it?
25:00 What would be your next step?
27:00 Don´t listen when others say “it won´t work!”
30:00 Does the concept only work in coalition with University?


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