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Imagine a world where every shower you take not only leaves you feeling refreshed but also contributes to a sustainable future. Unfortunately, water waste during showers is a significant problem we face today. The average shower lasts 8 minutes and uses 17 gallons of water, and much of it goes down the drain unnecessarily. This jeopardizes one of our most precious natural resources while also leading to rising water bills. To address the issue of water waste during everyday showering I created Shower Saver, a voice-controlled, Amazon Alexa-enabled shower head that allows users to effortlessly pause water flow by simply saying “Echo shower off” during activities like lathering and shampooing, reducing water waste without compromising shower time. By bringing smarthome convenience to your shower you can take control of your water usage, saving thousands of gallons annually. The total addressable market for Shower Saver consists of an installed base of over 92 million shower heads in the U.S. after adjusting for households that own a companion Amazon Echo device and excluding households that lack internet access. Assuming a capture rate of less than one-half of one percent, the market opportunity for Shower Saver represents hundreds of thousands of shower heads that can be replaced. Also, assuming a household of 4 adopts Shower Saver and commits to pausing its showering for a period of 4 minutes during non-use of water, its annual water savings would total 12,000 gallons along with cost savings of $256 after including both the cost of water and heating it. Should Shower Saver achieve 50,000 in unit sales, which is the company’s year one goal, its potential impact on national water conservation would be to reduce water waste by up to 700 million gallons of water a year, saving almost $13 million in utility costs along the way. Shower Saver fits all standard shower arms and is designed for easy installation in under 5 minutes. The target audience for Shower Saver is extremely broad and spans the globe. We believe the product will have particular appeal to proponents of water conservation, technology enthusiasts, and consumers simply seeking to lower their monthly water bill. We expect to be able to market Shower Saver through traditional brick and mortar retailers such as Bed Bath & Beyond, Home Depot, and Lowes, among others. In addition, we can sell the product through online channels such as an Amazon storefront, given its natural fit as an Amazon-Alexa enabled device, and through our own Shower Saver website. I have developed a working prototype of Shower Saver, the market’s first and only voice-controlled shower head, taking it from being merely an idea to becoming a reality. As a next step, I am seeking $10,000 in funding to produce a marketable, self-contained prototype and to file for and obtain a utility patent. Please join me in Shower Saver’s water conservation mission and help make a difference, one shower at a time. Save water, save money, save the planet!


My expertise is product ideation and innovation, analytics, and financial analysis. I can support other organizations by lending my skills in the areas mentioned and by serving as a sounding board for their projects, providing my commentary and suggestions.

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