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CoSoG Nepal (Coding for Social Good) is a visionary non-profit organization committed to driving positive change through technology and education. In Nepal, where the absence of a robust Computer Science (CS) club culture has left students devoid of opportunities and lacking essential tech skills, our mission takes on even greater significance. We are dedicated to introducing and promoting CS clubs in secondary and high schools, igniting a passion for coding and technology from an early age. Recognizing that this gap hinders students from keeping pace with the evolving world, we equip them with the tools they need not just to excel in the digital age, but to bridge the divide that prevents them from seizing global opportunities. Through mentorship and immersive experiences, CoSoG Nepal empowers young minds to establish and operate CS clubs effectively, fostering collaborative learning environments that encourage innovation. Our unwavering commitment to real-world impact drives us to offer students hands-on opportunities to work on meaningful projects. From crafting websites for local schools and non-profit organizations to developing applications for small businesses, our dedication to "Coding for Charity" serves as the core of our ethos. We believe that by leveraging the power of code, we can bring about positive social change and uplift communities in need. By instilling a sense of purpose and social responsibility in the next generation of technologists, CoSoG Nepal envisions a future where technology serves as a tool for progress. Our unique approach, encompassing education, mentorship, and practical projects, is aimed at bridging the existing gap in CS club culture and empowering students to become catalysts for change.


I have expertise in computer science and project and event management so I can contribute to other organizations by building websites, apps and organizing events, and giving a presentation for them.

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