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"EcoChic Threads" is an organization that conveys the idea of fashion-forward and stylish clothing. Design can make waste valuable. We gather and take in old clothing or any clothing that the client and/or the community does not want or wear and redesign them to make them fashionable, making customers eager to reuse and wear them after the recycling process. We also provide courses and lessons in clothing design, as well as in-person events where customers may bring their clothes to be redesigned in fashion and teach online courses. My ideal customers are youth and adultswho like fashion, follow the trend, and care about sustainability, but has tons of clothes that they want to reuse and redesign, asfashion goes by quickly and they do not have that much money to support themselves. If they are buying fast fashion clothing, then upcycling clothing will be the solution just for them or for anyone who cares about personalization and wants to make their own fashion but does not have the ability to do so because of a lack of knowledge in redesigning clothing. Community Engagement and Dialogue: Community forms the nucleus of EcoChic’s objectives. We are instigators of sustainable dialogues and facilitators of interactions among individuals with shared ecological and creative passions. We are keen on solidifying our relationships with local artisans and businesses, harmonizing with our overarching vision of a sustainable, inclusive fashion landscape.


Lewen Ivy Huang is the founder of this product; she has diverse skill sets, including leadership, prototyping (for example, figma), and the design of the company name, logo, colour, pitch, proof of concept, etc. She also has the ability to create a financial statement. Taking the course and knowing and experiencing how a start-up company participates in the semifinals of a pitch competition, currently applying for funds and working with other team members to develop an MVP, will start selling in early September. Having some skill sets for all roles, particularly in financial, designing, and building (both hardware with 3D printing, laser cutters, etc. and software without coding), She iscurrently spending time learning different knowledge in school through activities, programmes, books, developing products outside of school, and working on my extracurriculars. Ivy has livedlived in Vancouver, the Chinese mainland, and Hong Kong. Currently living in Vancouver.

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