Anne Kjær Riechert is a 2006 graduate from the prestigious social innovation and change
management education KaosPilot in Denmark. From 2006-2009 she worked as creative
lead and corporate social responsibility (CSR) consultant for the Copenhagen-based
brand strategy company Stoic, where she amongst others developed and implemented
Samsung Electronics award-winning CSR strategy for Scandinavia. Since 2006, Anne
has managed her own humanitarian project, Kids Have a Dream, which organizes global
workshops to empower youth through drawings and discussions about their dreams for
the future. The project has reached over 3000 children in 22 countries from Baghdad to
Bangladesh, from Canada to Kenya. Anne exhibits the drawings in public and political
places to increase awareness and raise funds for children growing up in disadvantaged
areas. The exhibitions have been realized in collaboration with organizations such as
UNAIDS and the Norwegian Department of Foreign Affairs, as well as Amnesty
In July 2010, Anne moved to Japan, when she was entrusted with the prestigious Rotary
Peace Fellowship. In 2012 Anne was recognized by Berlingske Business Magazine as
one of Denmark ́s 10 largest talents under 35 years, in the „Business Development“
category. Anne is currently living in Berlin where she is setting up a Peace Innovation
Lab in collaboration with Stanford University. The lab focuses on how technology is
facilitating emerging and measurable social changes toward global peace. Anne is, like
few others, able to combine the best of academia, business thinking and social activism to
make sustainability profitable.