Expert in Upcycling Fashion
Over the last seven years Carina Bischof is active in the sustainable fashion scene, especially in Upcycling. She gained first international experience in terms of upcycling as a design assistant at the renowned label „From Somewhere“ in London. During that time she coordinated the production of the first uplcycled collection for Tesco. In 2010 she founded together with three colleagues (Arianna Nicoletti, Luise Barsch and Jonathan Leupert) the upcycling label „aluc“. A year after they opened the first concept store for upcycling fashion in Berlin. The team behind the Upcycling Fashion Store is working now over four years to establish the upcycling concept in the German fashion scene. They initated a wide range of projects (e.g. the upcycling-fashion blog, the upcycling label „aluc“, the concept store, the organization of a monthly round table and an upcycling material sourcing project) and gained practical expertise by that. In 2013 they won the FA!R-Handelspreis as well as the I:CO AWARD for their concept.
Since January 2014 Carina Bischof is an active board member of the Fashion Revolution Day in Germany.

The Upcycling Fashion Store