Dr. Paula Laurel Jackson is a global nomad, having lived in different countries . She completed her Masters degree in International and Comparative Education at the University of Oxford, and  later a PhD in Education at the University of London at the Institute of Education.

Paula spent the past decade working as a part-time consultant for a number of NGOs and multilateral agencies such as the World Bank, DFID and the Commonwealth Secretariat. She also worked as an educational consultant for schools and has assisted in the establishment of schools, developed curricula, and assisted in the process of school reform efforts.

She is particularly interested in the ways in which digital media can be used to empower children and youth globally.  She focuses on the influence of digital media and how it can be leveraged to help to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems. At the moment, she is working on infrastructures where kids around the world can connect and learn from and with each other. She is convinced at the power of the pupil voice and passionate about offering the younger generation opportunities to shape their own future.