At Knowmads we teach students to ask questions, instead of pushing them through a fixed programme or ‘chicken factory assembly line’ designed programme.
We look for answers to questions, like What is important to me? In what world do I live, and in what world do I want to live? How do I create projects and businesses that matter to me? And How do I manifest that in the world?
Pieter Spinder studied Marketing & Small Business Management. After graduation he worked in various roles in corporate organisations. As he grew up in an entrepreneurial family he followed his passion and decided to start his own business.
Over the last 20 years he was involved in businesses in Sales, Online and Marketing & Advertising. After working as a lecturer of Marketing at the University of Applied Sciences of Amsterdam (HvA) Pieter felt confronted with the rigid and structured world of education and decided to change the system for the benefit of the students.
In 2007 Pieter joined the start-up KaosPilots – the Netherlands as a Teamleader. In 2009 he founded the Knowmads Business School – Amsterdam. It is not only a school, but more so a life-changing experience and platform for people who make a positive difference in this world.