Ruha Reyhani, Ruha is a partner and strategist at Secondmuse, a firm that employs the art and science of collaboration to enable businesses and organizations to create positive impact.
Collaboration harnesses and directs efforts of a group towards common objectives. The competitive nature of organizations often prevents this kind of optimal functioning. To increase performance, organizations can work as a team based on collaboration and transparency. A collaborative culture and posture creates empowered teams and the necessary environment from which innovation and breakthrough can emerge
Ruha is responsible for the firm’s European operations and has helped the firm to become internationally known for delivering cutting-edge innovations, partnerships and solutions, using the minimal amount of resources possible to create a lasting and measurable impact.
The company’s work has been highlighted by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the White House and has won the World Bank 2011 Sustainable Development project of the year. Ruha’s areas of work include innovation process design, digital communications and strategy.