How Mindfulness and Compassion improve your Self-Leadeship Skills (englisch)

19.10.19, 16:45 - 18:15 (CEST)

As an entrepreneur self-leadership is key for your success: On the social level you a facing less outer constant structures, heightened responsibilities, rotating team mates and clients, flexible workplaces and time. This increases the level of uncertainty and pressure and might lead to stress on an emotional level. One key competence to face this fading outer guidance, is the skill to find guidance within yourself, namely, self-leadership. Self-leadership not only allows us to increase our focus and integrity. It also strengthens our presence and connection with others, which can boost our level of well-being and impact in teams. At the same time, self-leadership entails an attitude of curiosity, openness and agility enabling us to see changes as opportunities rather than challenges. The interactive workshop introduces the concept of emotional intelligence and mindfulness practice as the foundations of self-leadership. Participants learn to increase their awareness of their own thoughts, feelings, and emotions to collaborate more efficiently and compassionately with others - led by conscious decisions based on both personal and company values.