CEC terms of use

By participating in the Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition (CEC) you agree to accept the following terms of use.

General terms of use

By entering your personal information required for registration, and by confirming the entry via the ‘send’ key, a user agreement between you, the user, and Entrepreneurship Campus is entered into, for which the following terms of use are valid and which the user accepts as binding:

Subject of agreement

The Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition is an international program launched by Stiftung Entrepreneurship (Entrepreneurship Foundation, Germany) and the Goi Peace Foundation. Interested parties may register and have access to content and information contained on the platform. No fees are charged by Stiftung Entrepreneurship for use of the platform. Competition guidelines are available at: Competitions Guidelines

On the website, users may sign up for a newsletter with up-to-date information on the competition. This newsletter may be unsubscribed at any time on the website.

Participation in the competition

  • Successful and valid registration is required for participation in the CEC. Each person may only register once on the platform. Multiple registrations, registrations under a false name, a pseudonym, via multiple e-mail addresses or under different names are prohibited and will result in the deletion of all accounts.
  • In order to register, the user must first go through the online registration process, in which the following information must be provided: full name, password chosen by the user, an e-mail address, interests with which expertise you can help others or you need yourself.
  • By registering, the user confirms that he/she has read and understood the terms of participation and use and accepts them. During registration, the user can take note of the terms of use and must confirm acceptance by checking the appropriate box. Without agreeing to the Terms of Participation and Use, the registration will not be activated.
  • After registration, the user will promptly receive a confirmation email from Entrepreneurship Campus to the address provided.
  • You must be aware that by participating in the CEC, you run the risk that your idea or project will be copied by someone else.

Formal contract and period of applicability

  • The user contract between Stiftung Entrepreneurship and the user is considered valid with the user’s successful registration on the Entrepreneurship Campus. By sending the confirmation e-mail, the Stiftung Entrepreneurship accepts the user’s offer to enter into the user contract.
  • The user contract is valid for an unlimited period of time.
  • Both the user and Stiftung Entrepreneurship have the right to terminate the user agreement without stating reasons and without giving notice. Termination will be effective with one party informing the other in electronic form (e-mail) or in writing.

User obligations

  • Accounts may not be transferred without the written permission of Stiftung Entrepreneurship. This also applies to the user rights resulting from the user agreement; these are neither transferable nor assignable.
  • The user confirms that all information and content entered on registration is correct, up to date, available and complete. S/he is obliged to inform Stiftung Entrepreneurship via e-mail of any changes as soon as they apply.
  • The user is responsible for their password confidentiality and for protecting this and their account from unauthorized access.
  • The user is responsible for all activities on their account resulting from culpable loss of their password and/or knowledge thereof by third parties. S/he will indemnify the Stiftung Entrepreneurship immediately against all possible damages resulting from the above.
  • Should the user lose their password or have knowledge of misuse of their account access data, s/he is obliged to inform the Stiftung Entrepreneurship immediately by e-mail to campus[at]entrepreneurship.org.
  • On receiving knowledge of possible misuse of the user’s password, the Stiftung Entrepreneurship maintains the right to block the user account and remove all content from the platform. In such a case, the user will be immediately informed by e-mail.
  • The user pledges to refrain from any activities that damage system or network security, as well as those which endanger the performance or availability of the platform.

Confidentiality agreement

  • The user pledges to maintain the confidentiality of all information s/he receives on entry presentations unless the entrant has given express permission to disclose it.
  • The user pledges to evaluate ideas/projects presented to them only in cooperation with the owner of the confidential information. An evaluation of the idea – complete or in part – will not take place without the agreement of the idea-owner.
  • The confidentiality obligation is not applicable for entries whose content comprises already published know-how or is available in openly accessible sources.

Requirements for submitted entries

  • The user guarantees that all submitted content does not infringe valid law, especially criminal law, competition law, copyright law, trade mark, and other labeling laws and/or personal rights and is free from rights owned by third parties. In addition, user content may not be racist, race baiting, discriminatory, pornographic, insulting, defamatory, or offensive against accepted good morals in any other way, or, considering the character of the platform, inappropriate. Stiftung Entrepreneurship maintains the right to reject content entered by the user and/or to delete such content where it contravenes the above principles, valid law or accepted morals.
  • The user pledges to release the Stiftung Entrepreneurship completely and unconditionally from any claims whatsoever resulting from obligations due to the culpable injury of the above-mentioned points. This release includes the responsibility for legal costs, especially lawyer costs in line with the German Lawyer Compensation Law (RVG) which regulates applicable legal fees.


Apart from declarations explicitly made in the Terms of Use or in the additional conditions, the Stiftung Entrepreneurship gives no additional assurances concerning its available services nor does it give any guarantees in this regard. The Stiftung Entrepreneurship makes no commitments concerning the content or specific functionality or reliability, availability or suitability for purpose of its services.

Data protection

The Stiftung Entrepreneurship pledges to observe applicable data protection laws. Further information is available in the data privacy statement at: Privacy Statement

Finality of all decisions

All decisions are final. There is no right of appeal. The prize awarded in the competition is non-transferable and may not be substituted by another prize.

Final provisions

Applicable law

German law only is applicable for any disputes between users and organizers.

Place of jurisdiction

For disputes concerning rights and obligations, Berlin is the place of jurisdiction.

Saving clause

Should one or more clauses of this agreement be invalid, both the site operator and the user agree that this will be replaced by a legally valid clause that is closest to maintaining the intended provision. The invalidity of individual clauses does not affect the validity of the complete agreement. Should adherence to this user agreement be unconscionable to the user, this clause will not apply.


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