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* Purpose: To completely eliminate women staying in situations where men abuse their power and make them dependent on purpose and keep them small. 
 * Market: For all women, from 16 years onwards. 83 percent of women in the world were literate. Adult literacy rate is defined as the percentage of people aged 15 years and above who can both read and write with understanding a short simple statement about their everyday life. *,statement%20about%20their%20everyday%20life. * In Germany: 83,294,633 woman are literate from 15 years onwards 1% of them are 832.946,33 who purchase. Bei einem Preis von 3600€ 299.8.606.788 € * Distribution Channels: online
 * Intellectual Property: Patentable idea, first ones to address issue globally and offer support
 * Financials: ~$693K in EBIT by Year 6; 100% equity in the beginning and ~30% financing from debt in the long-term; BEP in Q3 of Year 2; bank debt, VCs, Angel Investors, and personal funds as forms of financing. 
 Mission: To eliminate the injustice of having women kept under their potential I dependent relationships. Vision: To become the source in encouraging female founders around the world. Value Proposition: To put an end to the abuse of power through an easy accessible solution globally. Product & Market: * Online class in any language.
 * Compete based on knowledge transfer and how information is delivered.
 * BOS will provide all women in the world who can read age 16 and up. * Many local markets * 
Who Are We & What Are Our Resources? 
 * A young and competent management team 
 * Intellectual property 
 * Human capital (i.e. power of innovation) 
 * Partner networks (i.e. contacts and relationship-building expertise) 
 * Expertise and experience * “Burning Problems”: * Abuse of power at home and work
 * Women are reluctant to speak up as they must face consequences. A change is undeniable.
 * Existing online classes focus on one market only and cant be used globally. * * 
Market Definition: Every second women was victim to abuse of power and stayed in a situation where she felt she cant leave due to being dependent either on money or someone. * * The WIB: helps women see their value, find their purpose and talent and get the tools to found their own business.
 • Combined advantages: empowerment, business knowledge, easy access, guidelines, legal info Product Positioning: * Accessibility for a competitive price will be emphasized. 
 * Solution to the biggest systematical problem in the world.
 * One course could serve any market with ai. * *


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