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Zero HungerGood Health and Well-beingIndustry, Innovation and InfrastructureResponsible Consumption and Production

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Agriculture / ForestryMentoringNetworkingFundingInvestment


Konek Kain (Connect Eating, when literally translated into English) is an innovative startup that bridges the gap between three pressing societal issues: food insecurity, food waste, and steep agricultural price hikes. This is done through an application programming interface, or API for short, which enables restaurants’ point-of-sale systems that handle their inventory to redirect the surplus to farmers and food banks as compost and edible foods, respectively. Through subsequent comparisons such as food spoilage metrics and delivery dates, Konek Kain is able to predict surplus amounts and redirect them to parties that could utilize them while alleviating pressing issues one click at a time.   Konek Kain has garnered early interest and traction from various farmer cooperatives, organizations, restaurants, and government agencies in the Philippines, such as the Department of Information, Communication, and Technology. Konek Kain is here to disrupt the market! From plates to plots: reducing waste, boosting crops.


Me and my colleagues are high school students. We are tech enthusiasts who are ready to make a change in the world through entrepreneurship. We are dedicated to supporting other organizations by offering partnerships with our startup that aim to alleviate pressing social issues in agriculture and in a country's economy. We are looking forward to working with other organizations that are interested in our startup; we will definitely be providing them with resources and guidance in navigating and using our startup.

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