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No PovertyQuality EducationGender EqualityDecent Work and Economic GrowthReduced Inequality

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Business DevelopmentMentoringNetworkingEducationFunding


Teammates: Daniel Persky (US), Althea Sanchez (Philippines), Laurent Irakarama (Rwanda), Everette Alhambra (US) Honorary Member: Matthew Persky (US) -Daniel's younger brother who is a Founder and originated the RiseHire idea with Daniel since the beginning. RiseHire is the first and only social-impact-driven, AI-powered, global centralized online marketplace to connect Employers with the untapped pool of talented Youth for in-person and remote work while investing in education and skill growth. RiseHire’s “RiseMatch” scholarships cultivate a highly-skilled labor force for local community cohesion and global economic growth. RiseHire revolutionizes the inefficient labor market and encourages youth to reallocate some screen time to productive work, learning, and upskilling, in order to prepare for better jobs and future careers.


Business, Finance, Strategy, and anything I can help with!

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