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Global Citizenship for the SDGs is a project that consists of issuing a universal passport to different people eligible as citizens of the world wishing to promote sustainable development. This passport will be issued depending on their influence or contribution in one way or another to the contribution of improving the well-being of the planet. Several criteria will be taken into account to determine eligibility to benefit from the latter. No matter who you are, where you come from, you are entitled to this passport as soon as you meet the necessary conditions. There will be no discrimination. Whatever your nationality, your race, your religion, your sex, your social rank, nothing should in any way be an obstacle. This will constitute a kind of partnership for the achievement of the objectives (SDGs) From there, what are the criteria established to obtain this passport? Global Citizenship is indeed an initiative strengthening the promotion of the globalization process, but from another perspective (sustainable development). To quote the musical title of a famous Haitian artist named Jean Jean Roosevelt particularly for his exploits in the world of the Francophonie "I have my planet at heart" thus will be the new motto inscribed on this passport with the symbol of the globe terrestrial on the cover page; moreover, provided with an identification code having as a common acronym GC (Global Citizenship) followed by its full name in abbreviated form and a well-defined number of digits. It will also have 20 pages each containing 15 flags from different countries around the world. Being aware of the number of inhabitants that the planet contains and the immigration crisis facing the rich countries, it would be irrational to issue a passport of such magnitude to all the 8 billion inhabitants of this world. This would only increase the massive displacement of populations from the countries of the South to the countries of the North. Of course we are talking about inclusion but it is absolutely important to balance things and take reality into account. So said, one of the important points to know about this passport is that it is a passport that does not allow you to reside permanently in other countries, it is like having an authorization or a visa for business trip. The main objective of a trip requiring the Global Citizenship passport is above all environmental affairs, in other words ecology. Whether you are a student, a professional, an intellectual, a scientist, an artist, an athlete, investor, entrepreneur, religious whatever your occupations once you have an idea for a project, a well-defined project with tangible evidence you can benefit of this passport as long as you contribute to promoting the maintenance of nature, whether directly or indirectly, in the long term or in the short term. If you also intend to invest, cooperate, make a donation in any form either materially or financially or you intend to indirectly encourage you have the right to request this passport. There will be a whole process to follow. This passport does not in any way oblige you to renounce your nationality or nationalities in order to strengthen the partnership between nations in order to progress towards the path of sustainable development.


Our expertise is in the economics field, writting project with sustainable issue for the planet, social interaction club. We can support other organizations by mentoring them and by doing our best to encourage them through our project idea for the Well-Being of our common house.

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