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Clean Water and SanitationAffordable and Clean EnergyDecent Work and Economic GrowthIndustry, Innovation and InfrastructureLife Below Water

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Species protection / bio-diversityResearch / Product developmentFundingInvestment


**Atlantic Creek** is a pioneering startup that aims to revolutionize our understanding and interaction with the ocean. The startup's mission is to provide real-time data about marine life and environmental conditions, which can be used to make informed decisions about how to interact with the ocean. The platform collects data about the identity of fishes in the area, their population growth, movement records, and more. It also monitors environmental conditions such as pollution levels, sea levels, pressure, and temperature. This data is collected by IoT devices that are placed in various water bodies including rivers, oceans, and streams. These devices are powered with Prince Edward Island, Canada as its primary source of energy and are connected via wires at the bottom of water bodies. In addition to providing valuable insights into the marine ecosystem, Atlantic Creek also identifies areas where fishing should be prohibited due to various reasons. The platform even predicts the possibility of encountering specific species of fishes in particular regions around the world and suggests the best locations for conducting research about certain fishes and pollutants. Atlantic Creek's services cater to a wide range of users including researchers, environmentalists, governments, and fishing companies. The startup plans to reach its target audience through social media, conferences, and partnerships. The initial costs for Atlantic Creek will include the development of the IoT devices and the platform, as well as marketing efforts. The startup plans to generate revenue through subscriptions from its clients. In summary, Atlantic Creek is an innovative startup with a mission to enhance our understanding of the ocean. With its cutting-edge IoT platform and vast market potential, Atlantic Creek is poised to make a significant impact on how we interact with the ocean.


As a backend web developer, i have a unique set of skills that can greatly benefit Atlantic Creek and other organizations. Here are some ways i can support them: Data Management: You can help manage the vast amount of data collected by the IoT devices. This includes creating efficient databases and ensuring the smooth transmission of data from the devices to the servers. API Development: You can develop APIs that allow other organizations to access and use the data collected by Atlantic Creek. This can help researchers, environmentalists, governments, and fishing companies make informed decisions about how to interact with the ocean. Security: Ensuring the security of the data collected is crucial. You can help implement security measures to protect the data from potential threats. Collaboration: You can collaborate with other organizations on projects that utilize the data collected by Atlantic Creek. For example, you could work with environmental organizations on initiatives aimed at protecting marine life. Education: You can use your expertise to educate others about the importance of data in understanding and protecting our oceans. This could involve giving talks, leading workshops, or creating educational content.

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