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15.3 billion trees are being cut down each year for assorted reasons including agriculture, urbanization, forest fire, mining, drilling, and logging. Some of the previously said reasons are caused by natural outliers, nevertheless, problems galore are being emerged by humanity’s activities. One of them is paper and pulp industry, therefore, the harvest of trees for industrial aims. So far, 405 million tons of paper and paperboard are being produced and it constitutes roughly 13-15% of the entire wood consumption. 8 billion of trees being cut down for the sake of paper producing. The main reason for hemp to become a widespread crop is its superiorities galore, which stand it out from the abundance of other plants. Hemp is one of the fastest growing plants, it takes solely 70-140 days (about 4 and a half months) for it to fluctuate completely, hence, be used for operational uses. On the other hand, it takes from 20 to 30 for trees to reach their comprehensive maturity. Due to hemp’s abundance of leaves and its quick growth, it can produce way more oxygen compared to trees. Approximately an acre of hemp may purify as much oxygen as 25 acres (about the area of Chicago's Millennium Park) of forest. Dried hemp has about 57% cellulose (the principal ingredient in paper), compared to about 40–50% in wood. This high contain in cellulose let one acre of hemp produce as much paper as four or ten acres of trees over a 20-year cycle. Hemp can also stand out with its low lignin content: hemp contains only 5–24% lignin against the 20-35% found in wood. Another lifesaving treat of hemp is its capability to filter collecting carbon dioxide, which is the main threat to global warming. Indeed, hemp can absorb the biggest amount of carbon dioxide among all the crops. The last thing to mention is the strength of crop’s fibers, this way main disadvantage: highly cost production, may be condoned by the durability. The ability to renewable recycling process is one of the most remarkable advantages of this paper. Ordinary sheets can be recycled at 4 to 6 times in the best case, whereas the minimum attempts on hemp paper reuse is 7 times. all the factors we might understand the privelege of Hemp paper production over the ordinary one.


I may contribute financial aim to other oranizations in the case of frankly need. It is important to collaborate with diverse organizations for better commercial effect and rapid leap. By collaborating with different companies each of them can support each other by using or showing their product

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