Entrepreneurship Summit 2023: An acknowledgement

Published on: Oct 26, 2023
Entrepreneurship Summit 2023: An acknowledgement

Thank you, thank you, and thank you again!

This weekend was so necessary. And it did so much good. Over 120 experts from all areas of entrepreneurship volunteered to talk about their own businesses and start-ups. Our 1000 participants were able to ask questions, learn, educate themselves and network.

We are regaining hope that we can still somehow create a sustainable economy. More and more people are not focusing their start-ups solely on maximising profits. Instead, they are starting to tackle the world's problems with creative ideas. And if they are successful and make a lot of profits - so much the better.

We don't have time to wait for political majorities. We have to act now. You are in the thick of it and are already working on solutions. Chapeau!

Thank you for the lively discussions. It was a feast for us.

This photo shows just some of the speakers at the Summit. It's good to see that our "family" is growing and growing.

If you missed the great keynotes this year, you can now watch them online on our YouTube channel EntrepreneurshipTV.

There is a lot of talk about the turnaround, transformation and new work, but the practical realisation of this major developmental step is apparently causing greater difficulties than expected. Prof Gerald Hüther uses three practical examples to show how it is possible.

Prof Werner Sobek is an outstanding personality in the field of sustainable construction. In his keynote speech, he explains "Why we need to build differently".

Prof Günter Faltin talks about how we need to move from an economy of "dead horses" to sustainable entrepreneurship.

Prof Tania Singer speaks from the perspective of neuroscience on how we can move "From Inner Work to a more Caring Economy".

The example of Bodo Janssen and the successful transformation of the Upstalsboom hotel group has become a source of inspiration for many companies and managers who are looking for new approaches to corporate management.

"Presence - The Essential Leadership Skill for Sustainable Entrepreneurship" brings us closer to Zen monk and social entrepreneur Bart Weetjens.

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