How Creative Economy Contributes to Sustainable Development?

Published on: May 12, 2021Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition
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How Creative Economy Contributes to Sustainable Development?

The ‘Creative Economy’, is way more than a two-word term made of some of the most popular concepts in business and everyday life. It uses a combination of imagination, knowledge, experience, and renewable resources to express the values of an idea in art or innovation.

The Creative Economy has a three percent contribution to the global Gross Domestic Production (GDP) and even though it does not make the headlines as much as ‘creativity’ or ‘economy’ the sector holds huge potential for growth and sustainable development.

Just like ideas, the creative economy is evolving. The important role of industries that are part of the creative economy in promoting innovation and opportunities for all is coming out of the invisible. Like ideas, the creative economy evolves out of imagination and preverbal consciousness into tangible social progress, development, inclusion, and much more. Although this type of economy can be rooted in cultural industries, it spans over a variety of new creative industries.

Architecture, digital education, design, crafts, advertising and marketing, publishing, music performing, and visual arts, museums, galleries, and libraries, gastronomy, media, film, and photography, IT and computer services, games and toys, are among the continuously evolving creative industries. They not only make new opportunities possible but also embody the full diversity of cultural expression.

The 2021 Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition endorses the International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development.
Over the years, the contestants of the Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition helped foster the potential of creative industries through their innovative ideas and projects.
Everyone eager to harness the power of creativity and innovative thinking to create more sustainable societies is invited to join the 2021 Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition.

The United Nations (UN) has dedicated 2021 to the creative economy and its essential role in promoting sustainable development. The implementation of the Year is led by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), in consultation with UNESCO and other relevant UN entities.

Entrepreneurial ideas and projects focused on cultural and creative economies create millions of jobs all over the world. At the same time, innovation in creative industries attracts investment that contributes to sustainable development. Moreover, increased investments push changes and improvements to policies that promote and protect policies and frameworks related to the cultural and creative economy.
Consequently, artists and creators are provided a friendlier environment where they can thrive and grow, more opportunities and jobs are created, economies get stronger and societies become more inclusive and a sustainable cycle is created.

Are you into creative economies? Do you have an entrepreneurial idea or project that would bring innovation to creative industries, social progress, and contribute to sustainable development? Join the 2021 Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition and get started with sustainable entrepreneurship.

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

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