The Advantages and Importance of Online Learning

Published on: May 4, 2017
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The Advantages and Importance of Online Learning

Some say that wisdom comes with age while others insist that it comes from learning. Nowadays, thanks to the internet, learning is open to all. Hence, people in the countries where traditional learning is facing various obstacles can take advantage of online courses. So far, e-learning has been effective to the people that understood its value. It offers the chance to have great results for lower costs and sometimes for no costs at all. Despite these, online learning has many other advantages. Education may have several purposes, and online courses help to fulfill it. Some even say that e-learning can revolutionize education as it provides new opportunities for traditional learning. Taking online classes has a lot of advantages and below are some of the most important.

Everyone can access education no matter the location

When people choose to pursue a study program in numerous cases they need to move to another city, away from their home, family, and friends. Meanwhile, there are countries where gender issues prevent young women from accessing education. In such cases, online learning helps to eliminate borders and barriers, both social and physical. Online courses are a great solution to the challenges that these people face as they are provided with high-quality education and on their own place and time.

You can learn about anything and whatever you like

There was this article ‘Use these two words on your college essay to get into Harvard’. If this would work Harvard or Stanford wouldn’t be what they are. On the other hand, it may happen to anyone to not get accepted into his or her favorite university. Therefore, they give up the dream to pursue a given field of studies and research. Meanwhile, online courses allow you to study whatever you want or anything that triggers your curiosity. Prestigious universities provide free courses because education must be free to everyone.

Comfort and flexibility

It happens to young students to find themselves into a highly competitive learning environment. Some people like this as it motivates them to work hard but there are others that feel overwhelmed. No matter the fact that failure is essential to success, there are persons that can’t bear failure among others. Meanwhile, it is easier to accept it at home. This makes people feel comfortable. Speaking of comfort, online courses help to avoid long classes and uncomfortable classrooms. The bed or the couch are more comfortable.
Further on, you can save time and cut the cost of commuting from home to the campus. Another thing that a lot of people agree is the fact that there will be no need to wake up early in the morning. Yet, keep in mind that in order to be successful it is important to leave your comfort zone.

Sharing knowledge with others

It is common that when we learn something new we feel the need to share it with others. This is another purpose of education, sharing knowledge. In the case when the course you are taking is part of a bigger community or network of people like the campus of the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurs Competition, you can encourage others by sharing what you have learned from the free online courses.

You can join hundreds of thousands of young people from all over the world that have benefited from our online training and learn the secrets for successful entrepreneurship. All these can help to generate an idea or project and develop it in a way that can bring a change to your community and beyond.


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Hello Botirjon,
Thank you for your request!
Please, translate it into your language.
As per the author please, cite or link the

Botirjon Shokirov


Author, may I translate this article into Uzbek and publish it on the newspaper so that I can explain the importance and comfort of online education to my friends?

I would be very grateful if you wouldn’t ignore!

Jamine anit


I’m a student

Nghoomoka Petrus


technology changes people’s lives, so thrilling



Indeed online learning has so many advantages. As stated girls and women that faces cultural and religious hinderances can take great advantage of online learning being that it can be accessible every and at anytime. The out of school not only due to religious and cultural obstacle can also access on line learning with their mobile phones. This is the idea behind Eduheal. The recogniction that children can access learning on social media and cables with their phones in comfort of their bedrooms during the day and at night without obstacles from any anti-education intruder.

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