XR2021 at the Entrepreneurship Summit 2021

Published on: Oct 24, 2021SDG 13: Climate Action
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XR2021 at the Entrepreneurship Summit 2021

Keynote Uprising or Extinction by Annemarie Botzki on Saturday, 10/23/21.

It's time! It is now or never to become radical. Let us rise up. Let us rebel! This book contains everything needed to do so. Extinction Rebellion (XR) is a movement that originated in England. In April 2019, it paralyzed London for several days, giving the city center its own pace and colors - the pink of rebellion - with street and bridge blockades. The aim is to use means of non-violent civil disobedience to draw attention to the existential crisis - the rapidly spreading species extinction, which also affects us humans - and to bring about a change in the system. The book gathers facts about already visible consequences of the climate crisis and calls for action. Comprehensible to all, concrete and undogmatic, it explains how rebellion can be organized: From nonviolent communication to setting up roadblocks and preparing other protest actions to cooking recipes for several hundred people. XR activists Sina Kamala Kaufmann, Annemarie Botzki and Michael Timmermann place XR in the German context and supplement the book with important and concrete information for rebelling in Germany. Everyone can become part of the movement - and together we can make history. This is only the beginning!


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