Masterclass Gründungen

Here is a selection of start-ups that have emerged from the Masterclass:

  1. - component portal for doctors and practices

  2. - Probably the most economical detergents and cleaning agents in the world

  3. Movacar - Rent cars for a 1-€uro!

  4. Turtuga - Live good. Improving the world. Simply do

  5. ACOCOON Sleep Project - an experimental sleep laboratory, a creative research station and colorful playground on the subject of sleep. In actions and events, experts and creatives turn old perspectives upside down, build aesthetic bridges and put sleep in a new light.

  6. FlowRow - a varied group fitness whole-body workout with great music.

  7. Tofte Eis - Tofte processes fruits that grow in wild hedgerows into delicious popsicles. For example, from rose hips, blackberries or elderberries. The purpose of our company is nature conservation. From the start, we plant 2 meters of wild hedge for every 100 popsicles sold.

  8. Bonobo - Donation shop

  9. Julinga - Develop partnership through play!

  10. don't quit (formerly Survivor Challenge) - Get fit through play now!

  11. COACHING.CARDS - Take your life in your hands.

  12. Bierdeckel-Methode

  13. Be Part of Art

  14. DuoVivo - brings people together

  15. VerlustAchsen - rethinking how to deal with losses

  16. MOAW: - A responsible, sustainable & informative Movement

  17. Jaquy: Family Time - A card game that connects generations through questions (Children, Mum & Dad, Grandma & Grandpa)

This is just a selection of companies that were created during the Entrepreneurship Masterclass.

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„The Entrepreneurial Design method showed me the way to turn an idea into a business.”

Wolfgang Kunz | Waschkampagne
1 / 5

„I became a Serial Entrepreneur!”

Rafael Kugel | Havelwasser
1 / 5

„We have set up several times before. But the component model was our breakthrough.”

Stefan Arndt | LebePur
1 / 5

„From the Summit into the Lion's Den.”

Daniel Duarte | Koawach
1 / 5

„The Entrepreneurship Campus showed me that it's important to get involved in business to make a difference.”

Martin Lipsdorf | Laktasekampagne


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