Masterclass Programm

The Masterclass is divided into three phases and lasts just under a year
(from Summit to Summit)

The Masterclass starts with the Entrepreneurship Summit and ends one year later with the following Summit. We accompany you in the discovery of your personal potential. We help you to create meaning for yourself and society. We give you the opportunity to test your Entrepreneurial Design at the Proof of Concept during the Summit.

The phases of the Masterclass:

I Attunement
We support you in finding your learning and working type. This helps you to work out your own Entrepreneurial Design - also coherent with your personality. This is the only way you will find the motivation, energy and perseverance you need to start your own business. This point is neglected in the usual start-up consulting.

II Entrepreneurial Design
In the second phase you work systematically on your own idea concept. Using expert workshops, online courses, labs and literature, you refine your concept step by step.

III Proof of Concept
The last phase gives you the opportunity to test your concept in the form of a competition, to receive feedback from other founders and thus to found a company that is coherent with the market.

Bonus Phase Entrepreneurship Summit
Now the point has come where you have to test the assumptions of your Entrepreneurial Design in reality. The Entrepreneurship Summit gives the best participants the chance to present their concept.

The Masterclass consists of the following components

Workshops and laboratory sessions for Entrepreneurship

We want to motivate those that are willing to start a business to work on their own ideas and to go into dialogue with other participants. This is where the methods that were specially developed for Entrepreneurial Design come into use. Founders should work on their starting idea until they developed a concept regarding this idea that is more convincing than the current conventions.

E-Learning and additional material: Methods for creative and concept-oriented entrepreneurship

Our E-Learning modules teach techniques for the elaboration of the personal entrepreneurial design. This can be videos, lessons, exercises and tasks that you can do at your own pace. The additional material will be curated by us and implemented into the program.

Members Area

During the entire program you have unlimited access to our community. You can network, exchange ideas and work together on your idea. The member area is a valuable tool for the development of your entrepreneurial design. During the course of the program, new content will gradually become available, and we will pose specific questions that can be discussed and worked on within the community. Your personal insights to these questions will be collected in your Founder's Diary, which will help you in all areas step by step to find a meaningful, sustainable and coherent concept.

Online-Course: Finding your Learn- and Working-Type

In this online course you will learn about and apply the flow theory. The exercises include the practical implementation of brain research findings, with the consequences for (self-) motivation, leadership, learning processes, communication and creativity.

Inspirational Video Highlights

The large number of carefully curated videos is designed to give you motivation, courage and knowledge in refining your idea(s). Topics include: Unleashing Potential, Social Entrepreneurship, Economy of Authenticity, New Spirit for Entrepreneurs, About Failure, What Makes a Startup Successful, Eco-Entrepreneurship.


When you participate in the Masterclass, you will receive a bound copy of each of the books "Kopf schlägt Kapital", "Wir sind das Kapital" and "David gegen Goliath". In the course of the program, we will go through selected chapters together. We will ask questions about the main points of the content and there will be feedback in the community.


Registration for the current Masterclass is only open to alumni.

Note: the Entrepreneurship Masterclass will be held in German only!!


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