ProjectPreventing Disability through Immunization

ūü•ą 2nd Winner 2023


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Registered Company


Good Health and Well-beingReduced InequalityPeace, Justice and Strong InstitutionsPartnerships to achieve the Goal

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Sustainable lifeHuman ResourcesFunding


Immunization is a way of preventing some types of possible disability and improving the health condition of the mother and child. Lack of immunization can cause some types of disabilities, for example cognitive disabilities, physical disabilities or sensory disabilities. This project proposal aims to increase access to immunization services and create more awareness on the importance of preventing some form of disabilities or some health conditions related to disability through immunization or through vaccination. OBJECTIVES Improve immunization coverage rate in specific remote areas. Educate community and health care workers on importance of preventing disabilities through immunization. Reduce the number of disabilities which are caused by lack of immunization.


I am a disability advocate, always training people on issues related to empowerment of persons with disabilities in all aspects of life and National development.

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