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10 startup teams start selling their products live at the summit. With your pitch, you present your idea to over 1000 potential customers. They receive initial feedback from the market and can take the next step with their foundation.

You too can start a business live at the Entrepreneurship Summit 2023. Pitch your product and receive valuable feedback.

All information about the conditions of participation can be found on this page.

The application is now possible and ends on October 03, 2023. Note that we can only invite a limited number of up to 10 founders to the Proof of Concet market test.

Good entrepreneurial designs always involve a lot of sweat and work. Developing a business concept often takes years.

At some point the point has come where you have to test the basic assumptions of your business model. At the Entrepreneurship Summit 2023 you have the opportunity to carry out the first market test for your entrepreneurial design - your business idea - under very real conditions with the more than 1000 summit participants as part of the proof-of-concept format.

The proof-of-concept will take place during the Entrepreneurship Summit weekend from October 21-22, 2023. The aim is to receive as many binding orders as possible within this time and to generate the highest possible turnover.

Pitch your product to over 1000 potential customers in one minute

You have 24 hours to convince them of your product

Get valuable feedback from the market

How to participate?

Would you like to pitch your product or service to over 1000 potential buyers at the Summit? Use the form on this page to apply.

  • For the proof of concept, you will receive an “Entrepreneur Website PRO” from our partner the You have to set this up yourself and enter the required data yourself.
  • You must have a binding offer from your supplier or a finished digital product.
  • You have to formulate a short text that describes your concept, your product and, if necessary, you as a person.
  • You and your team get free entry to the Entrepreneurship Summit. In addition, 2 people of your choice will also receive free tickets to the Summit.

What do you get from participating?

You will receive initial feedback from the market. The Summit participants give you valuable feedback with their questions and comments. This way you can quickly see whether and how your concept can continue to work in the future. Without having to make any major financial advance payments, the proof of concept enables you to start your new founding life. You also have the opportunity to achieve the first real conversions. Purchases can be made on site as well as online. So you can also integrate your online community.

And of course: many contacts to valuable sparring partners and early-stage investors are made at the Entrepreneurship Summit.

How can you apply?

You must offer your product (a service or goods) at the Summit. It is sufficient if you enable pre-orders. The price and details of the product must be fixed. Delivery must be made within one month of Entrepreneurship Summit 2023.

For the market test you can give the participants a discount of up to 20% on the normal price planned after the summit.

The concept must not have been implemented elsewhere.

Note: Please note that only applications in German can be considered.

Send us your application for the proof of concept

We can only give up to 10 founders the opportunity to take part in the Proof of Concept market test. The application period ends on October 03, 2023.

Note: Please note that only applications in German can be considered.

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