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Company Idea and Business Description The Security Protection Architecture Against Cyber Bullying is planned to defend personal information (i.e. social security number), background and credit records, protect digital assets and rights from stealing, abuse, and offence. The cyber violation has grown so ubiquitous that every average citizen might become the attack target and victim, who would suffer from sudden economic loss, reputation humiliation or group attack. Then the life and work of the entire family would be impacted drastically. Different from the house stealing, car crash or physical robbery which can be timely spotted or obstructed, the cyber violation is so invisible and prevalent that we must take more effective measures to resist it. Although the wide use of network technology for enterprise management, operation and so on has brought unprecedented efficiency and speed, but the enterprise network security risks are increasingly prominent. Security issues in enterprise networks are no longer limited to the external boundaries of the Internet or Extranet. At present, many enterprises lack professional security protection measures on the network platform. Our project proposes a dynamic security protection architecture combining SDN technology and industrial control information security protection requirements. On the technical level, firewall protection is set up, engineer station is isolated, system security test is carried out, and network monitoring is deployed. Maintain and update the existing management system and safety technical standard at the management level in real time. On the information platform of enterprise network, it implements boundary logical isolation protection, real-time monitoring, security audit, remote transmission control, network performance management, DOS/DDOS protection, network resource security management, link load balancing and web page tamper prevention deployment. Meanwhile, based on this model, industrial network security protection system based on collaborative defense architecture is realized. The system can guarantee the dynamic safety of industrial control system and has high feasibility. II. Expected Impact of Your Idea on Sustainable Development The project would bring remarkable achievement on the sustainable goal 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions. The project is expected to protect the citizen’s privacy, digital asset and human right, lower the cyber crime rate, build up harmonious, green, sustainable and legitimate internet atmosphere. In traditional information systems, the security requirements of availability, integrity and confidentiality are successively increased in priority, among which confidentiality is the highest priority. The industrial system has the highest requirement on the real-time and availability of network due to the harsh on-site environment and industrial production requirements. Therefore, the industrial system security requirement analysis and system protection scheme take the availability as the primary reference standard. When we talk about cybercrime, we often focus on the loss of privacy and security. But cybercrime also results in significant economic losses. Yet the data and research on this aspect of cybercrime are unfortunately limited. Data collection often relies on small sample sizes or has other challenges that bring accuracy into question. In a recent NIST report, I looked at losses in the U.S. manufacturing industry due to cybercrime by examining an underutilized dataset from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, I extrapolated upper and lower bounds, putting 2016 U.S. manufacturing losses to be between 0.4% and 1.7% of manufacturing value-added or between $8.3 billion and $36.3 billion. The losses for all industries are between 0.9% and 4.1% of total U.S. gross domestic product (GDP), or between $167.9 billion and $770.0 billion. The lower bound is 40% higher than the widely cited, but largely unconfirmed, estimates from McAfee. My Profile My name is AN Ziyuan, a high school student from Sierra Canyon High School CA, USA. I’m working on the Research on Computer Information Security Protection System Based on Big Data Background in the hope to adopt the system into industrial control system, enterprise operation, and personal data protection. The attacks in industrial networks reflect more APT attack modes. The attacker collects the vulnerabilities of the target on a large scale with purpose, and penetrates the target with various attack means for a long time until the system is compromised. As shown in Figure 2, hackers infiltrate into the process control network gradually by occupying a server or engineer station through vulnerabilities. Possible attack paths are described as follows. 1)Attack the historical data station, which can then destroy the health and safety records of the enterprise, modify the status report of the factory, or use this fulcrum to attack the next target. 2) Attack HMI and make the factory blind; Modify control parameters to damage equipment, or attack the next target from this fulcrum. 3) Attack the application server, tamper with the screen showing the running state of field equipment, prevent synchronization of field data, tamper with the database, or attack the next target with this fulcrum. 4) Attack engineer station (EWS), delete the security logic that has been set, steal PLC code, tamper with PLC logic, or attack the next target with this fulcrum. 5) Attack PLC, write any memory to destroy PLC. Firewall system is an earlier and more widely used network security products. It works by creating a wall between the Internet and the corporate network to check whether information going to and from the private network or whether a user's service request is authorized, thus preventing unauthorized access to information resources and unauthorized users. III. Plans for Sustainability and Implementation 1)Safety monitoring module The security monitoring module is composed of visual monitoring, intrusion detection and sentinel node. It can obtain the information of traffic and flow table through the mirror to carry out real-time security monitoring of the system. The visualization of network traffic based on SDN and the presentation of network data in the form of graphic images can identify illegal network devices and abnormal communication behaviors more efficiently and quickly. The connection relationship formed through SDN topology discovery, combined with the characteristics of network communication packets, can effectively monitor the industrial control system in real time, prevent the illegal access of malicious devices, discover the abnormal traffic of the system, and manage the communication equipment in a unified manner. 2)Security Protection Module Topology transformation is designed to change the communication network structure to present the dynamic network structure to the attacker, improve the complexity of the network, so that the attacker cannot locate the target to launch attacks. On the one hand, the topology transformation can effectively block the attack chain of the attacker. On the other hand, the packets of the attacker can be imported into the honeynet to trace the attack. Because of the centralized control structure of SDN, multiple SDN switches can act cooperatively under the control of the same controller to change the logical network topology, so as to realize the global network topology transformation. In order to verify the effectiveness of the protection framework, Ubuntu and Open Switch were installed on a multi-network port industrial control host to realize the function of SDN switch, and a laptop was used as the security analysis host. A physical simulation environment was built based on the two-capacity water tank control system to verify the effectiveness of the system.


What is my expertise ? DOS/DDOS protection Network resource security management Inferential analysis and tree analysis method System module design DMZ cease-fire zone design Design and deploy the intrusion detection system Check the content of datagram How can I support on other organizations ? My dynamic security protection architecture will provide real-time monitoring and information audit for all the organizations My network protection system will secure the information security for the enterprise, organizations and the government The protection system will guarantee the dynamic safety of the custoemr’s assets and private information of the bank, funds and stock corporations

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