How Challenge and Cooperation Drive Innovation and our Competition

Veröffentlicht am: Jun 8, 2017
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How Challenge and Cooperation Drive Innovation and our Competition

It is often said and proved that competition drives innovation, success, and even globalization. Hence, some people ask if humanity would benefit more if the same attention was paid both to competitiveness and cooperation. The two of them are highly important because cooperation brings prosperity and peace, while competition is a major source of development.
These two main principles are also applied by the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition.
Here competition is seen from a different perspective. It aims at finding the most innovative solutions to social, economic, environmental issues, in the places where they are most needed. These are considered to be the pillars of sustainability and when they are not stable the entire system will be unstable. This is the reason why our competition champions the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. They aim to end poverty, ensure the well-being and protect our planet. You know this because they are your goals too.

The purpose of competition, in general, is to improve something in the best way and at the same time to get more practice and to improve yourself too.
This leads to the second main element of our Competition, free learning for all the members interested in gaining and improving their entrepreneurial skills.
How many people all around the world can think of great genius ideas, but never turn them into reality because the lack of skills and knowledge on entrepreneurship make them hesitate. Our free lessons will make you see things from a different point of view. You will find yourself saying: “This solution was in front of my eyes all the time”. You can also share them with your friends. They would be very grateful if you do it. Sharing is important especially when you are sharing knowledge.
Cooperation is a key element of the Entrepreneurship Campus. The way how the members interact with each other is a key element for defining the finalists. You need to be active, to share opinions and suggestions with all the other users that have submitted an idea or project. If you have saved a draft for an idea or project but you think it isn’t complete, the free online courses can really help you. Afterward, you just reread, rewrite and submit. The deadline for entries is on July 31. Hurry up! You can bring positive change in the world.

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Thank you campus competition for serving as a learning platform for campus members



This campus is teaching us more than entrepreurship , we are connected with each other around the world , sharing ideas and knowledge . Than I can remember the quotes of American industrialist Henry Ford who said :
“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

Thank you campus administrator for sharing


This is a great entrepreneurial platform to be.
I’m elated to be a Member.


Indeed this topic are interesting always, provide something new and for me is the delicious food to nourish my brain



You’ll welcome Seth. Keep thinking about great ideas and you’ll find the way how to turn them into reality.

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