General Terms and Conditions of Business

§ 1 The terms and conditions are part of all articles. Buyer terms and conditions are not recognized.

§ 2 Tickets are reserved for 3 days after ordering. If the payment has not been received by the end of this period, the reservation expires and there is no longer any entitlement to the tickets. The decisive factor is the receipt of payment on the Entrepreneurship Foundation's account and not the withdrawal from the buyer's account.

§ 3 There is also no right of return for the tickets if the event has to be postponed, a different venue is chosen, the speakers cancel

§ 4 There is also no right to reimbursement for trips that have already been booked the event has to be postponed another venue has been chosen speakers cancel

§ 5 The separate cancellation policy applies

§ 6 By participating in the event, the organizers receive the authorization from the visitor without special remuneration to send or have sent pictures of the visitor and to make recordings of them, as well as to broadcast them themselves or through third parties and in the areas of audiovisual media and print media to use.

§ 7 There is no right of return for digital products.


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