Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition History

The Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition (CEC) was created with the support of the GOI Peace Foundation and Christian Fenner from Digital Experts United (DEU) and launched as part of the UNESCO Programme of Action on Education for Sustainable Development during the UNESCO Youth Summit 2013 at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris. For this purpose, the Entrepreneurship Foundation and its partners developed the Entrepreneurship Campus, where entrepreneurs can network, exchange and learn about our kind of entrepreneurship for free.

The Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition was initiated in 2013 to empower entrepreneurs around the world to find innovative responses to global and/or community challenges and to work towards a more peaceful and sustainable world. Initially, the focus was primarily on entrepreneurs between the ages of 13 - 29 - at the time, it was known as the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition. In 2020, we dropped the Youth from the name in order to address and attract everyone equally. However, the focus on promoting young people in particular was retained and is reflected in the extra honour with the Youngstar Award, to an idea/project of an entrepreneur between 13 - 29 years of age, at the end of each CEC. Through the cooperation with the University for Sustainable Development Eberswalde (HNE) in 2019, we put the issue of tourism in the spotlight, with a separate category for submissions dealing with this topic, in order to show how sustainable tourism can and should work based on the innovative ideas from all over the world - especially from countries heavily affected by tourism.

After the end of the CEC 2022, DEU went its own way and we took this as an opportunity to redesign the CEC and completely restructure ourselves. Since 2023, the newly designed CEC has been available free of charge to creative minds and visionaries on the Entrepreneurship Campus, which is also new.

Watch our Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition 2022 – Online Ceremony
On Wednesday, December 14th, the winners of the Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition 2022 were announced.


Watch our Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition 2021 – Online Ceremony
On Friday, December 10th, the winners of the Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition 2021 were announced.


Watch our first Virtual Award Ceremony 2020!
On Thursday, December 10th, the winners of the Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition 2020 were announced.


Watch our Award Celebration 2019!
On Sunday, October 20th, the winners of the 2019 Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition  and the Tourism Entrepreneurship Competition were announced during the Entrepreneurship Summit in Berlin. 



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