CEC 2023 Participants

Ideas and projects of the CEC 2023 participants

From August 14th to November 17th, the Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition participants had time to work on their ideas and projects with our free courses and materials, develop them further, network, exchange knowledge in the Campus Community and collect votes.

For the first time, the CEC ran with a shortened programme (3 months) on our new website; in our interactive Entrepreneurship Campus. We are delighted to present the participants and their concept-creative ideas and projects even after the end of the CEC 2023:

CoSoG Nepal

CoSoG Nepal

1 Author

CoSoG Nepal (Coding for Social Good) is a visionary non-profit organization committed to driving positive change through technology and education. In Nepal, where the absence of a robust Computer Science (CS) club culture has left students devoid of opportunities and lacking essential tech skills, our mission takes on even greater significance. We are dedicated to introducing and promoting CS clubs in secondary and high schools, igniting a passion for coding and technology from an early age. Recognizing that this gap hinders students from keeping pace with the evolving world, we equip them with the tools they need not just to excel in the digital age, but to bridge the divide that prevents them from seizing global opportunities. Through mentorship and immersive experiences, CoSoG Nepal empowers young minds to establish and operate CS clubs effectively, fostering collaborative learning environments that encourage innovation. Our unwavering commitment to real-world impact drives us to offer students hands-on opportunities to work on meaningful projects. From crafting websites for local schools and non-profit organizations to developing applications for small businesses, our dedication to "Coding for Charity" serves as the core of our ethos. We believe that by leveraging the power of code, we can bring about positive social change and uplift communities in need. By instilling a sense of purpose and social responsibility in the next generation of technologists, CoSoG Nepal envisions a future where technology serves as a tool for progress. Our unique approach, encompassing education, mentorship, and practical projects, is aimed at bridging the existing gap in CS club culture and empowering students to become catalysts for change.

Immunization is a way of preventing some types of possible disability and improving the health condition of the mother and child. Lack of immunization can cause some types of disabilities, for example cognitive disabilities, physical disabilities or sensory disabilities. This project proposal aims to increase access to immunization services and create more awareness on the importance of preventing some form of disabilities or some health conditions related to disability through immunization or through vaccination.

"YouthBiz". Youth business simulation game

My idea is to create an online youth business simulation game in order to to give an opportunity to students aged 13-18 to try themselves and be engaged in entrepreneurship, finance, financial management and decision-making in an interesting and entertaining way. My goal is to spread financial literacy and popularizing the idea of ​​doing business among young people.



1 Author

VegiWave is more than an app; it's a movement. Our mission is to revolutionize the way we live, eat, and interact with our planet. At VegiWave, we're dedicated to promoting plant-based living, not just as a healthier choice for individuals, but as a powerful force for positive global change. So, what is VegiWave? We're your ultimate guide to a sustainable, healthy, and hunger-free world through the power of plant-based living. Our app is your passport to a world of mouthwatering vegetarian and vegan recipes, sustainability tips, and a vibrant community that supports your journey towards a more compassionate, eco-friendly lifestyle. Our commitment goes beyond just dietary choices; it's about addressing the big issues. We're on a mission to tackle global hunger by advocating for resource-efficient plant-based diets. With VegiWave, you can be a part of the solution, knowing that every meal you choose to eat can make a difference in the fight against hunger. We're not just an app; we're a movement that empowers you to take control of your health, reduce your carbon footprint, and make a real impact on global hunger. Welcome to VegiWave, where conscious eating meets global change.

Shower Saver

Shower Saver

1 Author

My product is Shower Saver, a voice-controlled shower head that targets the problem of water waste. Showers use constantly running water, but water flow is not necessary at all times during a shower. A shower does not need to be running while lathering and washing one’s hair, for example, which can take several minutes. It is my contention that the inability to easily control water flow during a shower leads to unnecessary water loss. Water scarcity is a nationwide problem that is only projected to worsen. According to the Journal of Sustainability Education, the U.S. is expected to experience 30% population growth by 2060 which will fuel incredible growth in water demand and elevate water conservation efforts to the top of the U.S. national agenda. To address this issue and decrease water waste from everyday showering, I designed a showerhead that can pause water flow with the aid of Amazon Echo voice recognition technology. Furthermore, I have developed a working prototype of the device which has taken Shower Saver from being merely an idea to becoming a reality. The total addressable market for Shower Saver consists of an installed base of over 92 million shower heads in the U.S. after adjusting for households that own a companion Amazon Echo device and excluding households that lack internet access. Assuming a capture rate of less than one-half of one percent, the market opportunity for Shower Saver represents hundreds of thousands of shower heads that can be replaced. Also, assuming a household of 4 adopts Shower Saver and commits to pausing its showering for a period of 4 minutes during non-use of water, its annual water savings would total 12,000 gallons along with cost savings of $256 after including both the cost of water and heating it. Should Shower Saver achieve 50,000 in unit sales, which is the company’s year one goal, its potential impact on national water conservation would be to reduce water waste by up to 600 million gallons of water a year, saving almost $13 million in utility costs along the way. Importantly, Shower Saver does not ask users to decrease the time they spend in the shower, it simply pauses water flow at times when water is not needed which can turn 8 minutes of showering into 4 minutes of actual water use. Shower Saver fits all standard shower arms and is designed for easy installation in under 5 minutes. The target audience for Shower Saver is extremely broad and spans the globe. We believe the product will have particular appeal to proponents of water conservation, technology enthusiasts, and consumers simply seeking to lower their monthly water bill. If you believe as I do that the nascent smart home revolution will eventually lead to voice automated control of all residential water dispensing functions, Shower Saver is poised to be a first mover in a space that could be as large as the video doorbell market, which itself faced doubters before becoming a common fixture in homes across the country. My goal is to prepare Shower Saver for an official launch in 2024. Please join me in Shower Saver’s water conservation mission and together we can save water, save money, save the planet!



4 Authors

UniCred is a platform that allows unbanked individuals to build up a credit history via an AI driven holistic analysis, allowing them access to financial services and pivitol loans, breaking the barrier of inequality.

Konek Kain

Konek Kain

3 Authors

Konek Kain (Connect Eating, when literally translated into English) is an innovative startup that bridges the gap between three pressing societal issues: food insecurity, food waste, and steep agricultural price hikes. This is done through an application programming interface, or API for short, which enables restaurants’ point-of-sale systems that handle their inventory to redirect the surplus to farmers and food banks as compost and edible foods, respectively. Through subsequent comparisons such as food spoilage metrics and delivery dates, Konek Kain is able to predict surplus amounts and redirect them to parties that could utilize them while alleviating pressing issues one click at a time.   Konek Kain has garnered early interest and traction from various farmer cooperatives, organizations, restaurants, and government agencies in the Philippines, such as the Department of Information, Communication, and Technology. Konek Kain is here to disrupt the market! From plates to plots: reducing waste, boosting crops

Eco-Chic Threads

Organization: Our organization stands as a harmonious blend of fashion-forward thinking and a commitment to ecological integrity. “EcoChic” encapsulates our dedication to stylish, sustainable fashion through innovative initiatives like upcycling and repurposing old clothes. Essence of Upcycling: Upcycling is our heartbeat; it’s the transformative process of revaluing used garments into coveted, unique pieces that one can wear, sell and give away. This eco-conscious practice is our response to the environmental pitfalls of traditional garment production, fostering a sustainable and ethical fashion environment and fortifying community ties and local craftsmanship. We provide two types of services 1 upcycling the clients' clothing for them 2providing courses that teach the audience how to upcycle. Our Mission: EcoChic Threads is the amalgamation of transformative fashion ideals, traversing the realms of sustainability, teen financial sensibility, and robust community interactions. We envision upcycled clothing as the metamorphosing element in refashioning the industry towards ethical and green horizons.

RiseHire - Empowers Youth to Rise Higher

The first social-impact driven, AI-powered, global youth jobs marketplace that invests in youth education and skill training. RiseHire, the first and only social-impact-driven global centralized online marketplace to connect employers and youth for work, educational, and upskilling opportunities. Prior to RiseHire, Employers could not effectively connect with the vast, overlooked, and growing pool of qualified youth, who in turn has not had access to a centralized marketplace of local and global jobs. RiseHire revolutionizes the inefficient labor market, while giving back a percentage of profits to youth education and skill development, cultivating a robust and highly-skilled future labor force for global economic growth.

Foodreigner - Authentic Taste and Fantastic Memory

Foodreigner is a local food reviewing platform that provides struggling Vietnamese students with job and English learning opportunities through direct interaction with foreigners from all over the globe. The page also offers a cooking class catering service for international tourists with low budgets desiring to cultivate knowledge about Vietnamese culture and cuisine.

Brain2heart: Bridging the Gap Between Underprivileged Students and a Future in Medicine

According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), at least 48% of all medical students come from families in the highest 20% of household income since the 1980s, while the percentage of students from the lowest 20% of household income has never risen above 5.5%. Clearly, students from low-income families have a disadvantage when wanting to pursue a career in medicine. To solve this problem, a group of high schoolers across the United States made brain2heart, a non-profit organization dedicated to bridging the gap between underprivileged students and a future in medicine. Brain2heart bridges this gap mainly through its mentorship program, a 1:1 mentoring program that allows 4th-12th students to be exposed to early medicine-related subjects, such as applications of biology/chemistry in medicine, anatomy & physiology, and more. In addition, brain2heart established 3 chapters in New York, Pittsburgh, and Chicago. With these chapters, brain2heart allows for in-person mentoring programs targeted towards middle schoolers in the area. Few other non-profits have a mentoring program dedicated towards medicine, and very few non-profits, if not any, provide in-person mentoring along with a remote mentoring program. Moreover, we have partnerships with middle and high schools, which allows for students to gain access to our programs through their schools and for schools to receive a small portion of our donations. Furthermore, we provide additional opportunities for students to pursue, such as our breast cancer research program. We are proud to have over 70+ members involved in our organization and have reached 15 U.S. states and 10 countries.

NOBS Clothing - No Bullshit

No one really needs most of the clothing consumed in the Western World nowadays. Our clothing is produced cheaply in developing countries, the working conditions are often questionable, the quality of these garments are not made to last and the impact on the environment is high. This system of Fast Fashion is inefficient, simultaneously wasteful of money and resources. These facts are known for years but the overall system is changing very slowly, if at all. I think this can be done in a more responsible and better way. Therefore I want to contribute to this change by offering basic, but high quality and thought trough clothing. The durability and wearing comfort of these clothes are enhanced by making small, but logical adjustments on the cutting patterns and fabrics. Next to longevity, the recyclability of the garments (using mono-materials) and biodegradability are also considered in the design. To reduce complexity, the collection will be started with a pair of classic jeans and if successful, can later be extended by additional garments. The aim of this concept is to realize production with a short supply chain in Europe. All production steps: weaving, cutting, sewing and finishing of the clothing will be carried out by selected external production partners. This approach with a short, controllable and transparent supply chain will not only reduce the impact of transport on the environment, but ensures that social working and environmental standards are complied with. This, in comparison, more expensive production will not be realized by copying a common retail business model, but through crowdsourcing (collecting pre-orders during a sales campaign). The goal of this concept is to reduce costs, which create no or only little value for customers and passing these savings along to the costumer by offering a radical better price than in traditional retail. Crowdsourcing campaigns enable to match supply and demand without overproduction, saving costs in warehouse and sales space and renders marketing to sell already produced garments obsolete. This process is highly efficient and together with the thoughtful product the basis for naming the concept NOBS Clothing – No Bullshit.

Women in Business : Self Worth and Business

teach women in audio classes how to develop a healthy self-worth as fundament to become independent (from anything they are depending on. Can be a job they hate, a problem, a partner,....).

Global Citizenship for the SDGs is a project that consists of issuing a universal passport to different people eligible as citizens of the world wishing to promote sustainable development. This passport will be issued depending on their influence or contribution in one way or another to the contribution of improving the well-being of the planet. Several criteria will be taken into account to determine eligibility to benefit from the latter. No matter who you are, where you come from, you are entitled to this passport as soon as you meet the necessary conditions. There will be no discrimination. Whatever your nationality, your race, your religion, your sex, your social rank, nothing should in any way be an obstacle. This will constitute a kind of partnership for the achievement of the objectives (SDGs) From there, what are the criteria established to obtain this passport? Global Citizenship is indeed an initiative strengthening the promotion of the globalization process, but from another perspective (sustainable development). To quote the musical title of a famous Haitian artist named Jean Jean Roosevelt particularly for his exploits in the world of the Francophonie "I have my planet at heart" thus will be the new motto inscribed on this passport with the symbol of the globe terrestrial on the cover page; moreover, provided with an identification code having as a common acronym GC (Global Citizenship) followed by its full name in abbreviated form and a well-defined number of digits. It will also have 20 pages each containing 15 flags from different countries around the world. Being aware of the number of inhabitants that the planet contains and the immigration crisis facing the rich countries, it would be irrational to issue a passport of such magnitude to all the 8 billion inhabitants of this world. This would only increase the massive displacement of populations from the countries of the South to the countries of the North. Of course we are talking about inclusion but it is absolutely important to balance things and take reality into account. So said, one of the important points to know about this passport is that it is a passport that does not allow you to reside permanently in other countries, it is like having an authorization or a visa for business trip. The main objective of a trip requiring the Global Citizenship passport is above all environmental affairs, in other words ecology. Whether you are a student, a professional, an intellectual, a scientist, an artist, an athlete, investor, entrepreneur, religious whatever your occupations once you have an idea for a project, a well-defined project with tangible evidence you can benefit of this passport as long as you contribute to promoting the maintenance of nature, whether directly or indirectly, in the long term or in the short term. If you also intend to invest, cooperate, make a donation in any form either materially or financially or you intend to indirectly encourage you have the right to request this passport. There will be a whole process to follow. This passport does not in any way oblige you to renounce your nationality or nationalities in order to strengthen the partnership between nations in order to progress towards the path of sustainable development.

Hemp paper: New insight

Environment suffers severely from modern consumption inductry and paper production. Trees are cut down each year, hence, forests diminish rapidly and after years they might disappear totally. Hemp is being a sheer bliss for every eco-activist as its miracle treats might save the earth from global disaster. This idea will plunge deeply into the perception of world with hemp paper insted of wood ones.


1 Author

Artificial Intelligence based collectible coin valuation service.

Description: BIZZKIT is an online platform with free tools for business development and scaling. Mission: To make professional business tools accessible to entrepreneurs worldwide. Vision: We envision a world where every entrepreneur, regardless of existing experience and resources, can build a successful business from the ground up using quality and accessible business tools. BIZZKIT advances the UN SDGs of Quality Education and Decent Work/Economic Growth. The platform provides free business resources and tools, enabling entrepreneurs worldwide to gain skills and create companies. This promotes equitable education and empowers productive employment and development.



1 Author

The description is should be followed with the numbers of the attached images below. 1. As of march 2021 approximately 129 billion single use face masks were disposed. This is similar to the environmental impact of plastic bottles.Most surgical masks are made from plastic polymer and polypropylene. In addition to polypropylene taking 20 to 30 years to decompose, it also releases karcinogenes while decomposing. Moreover, it also emits significant amount of CO2. Producing one kg of polypropylene emits a minimum of 2 kilograms of CO2. Because masks weigh 3 to 4 grams and nearly entirely polypropylene, 387 million kilograms of polypropylene face masks are disposed of every month. Because of CO2 conversion, presumably 850 thousand tons of CO2 from producing masks is released into the atmosphere. In addition, kn 95’s masks are heavier and therefore require more resources to be made and have a higher environmental negative impact due to longer time for decomposition. 2. Currently environmentally friendly solutions include cloth masks and face shields. However, both of them have solid drawbacks. While cloth masks effectively block exale of virus particles, they are not great at protecting the maskwear form inhaling particles and offer very little protection against omicron. According to a study by a group of researches at Yale and Stanford, double layer cotton masks are only 37% effective at filtering particles while surgical masks were 95% effective. Additionally, cloth masks must be dried and washed frequently to function well. Face shields offer even less protection than cloth masks, as droplets can go around the shield, into the nose and mouth. They have also been unable to protect wearer. 3. My solution is the EcoMask. A biodegradable face mask will help solve the problem that disposable polymer masks create. As it will break down much faster and in a much more eco friendly way. EcoMask has 5 layers. The first is a protective covering made of paper, which will keep the inside filters clean and safe. The second, is an air and water filter, made out of woven cheetos on nanofibers. And the third is another air filter made out of polyactic acid or PLA membranes. These filters will keep larger particles and respiratory droplets from coming in or out of the mask. The fourth layer is a respiratory filter made out of woven jelatin nanofibers. This layer will keep smaller respiratory droplets that the previous layers didn’t filter. The last layer is another protective paper covering. This structure is similar to one of the kn-95 mask, which also has 5 layers and a surgical mask ,which has 3. The EcoMask also has a PLA ear-straps and a nose clip for user adjustment, which will both provide great comfort and will also keep the mask fitted to the user’s face. Since the EcoMask has a similar structure to kn95 and surgical masks it is adjustable to fit the user’s face as a kn95 mask is. So the EcoMask is projected to be able to filter out 85% of particles. In addition, the EcoMask will decompose entirely within 12 weeks. 4. On the fourth image you can get familiar with used mask materials, their production, and expenditures


Atlantic Creek is a startup that aims to revolutionize the way we understand and interact with the ocean. By transmitting real-time data about the identity of fishes in the area, their increase in population, their movement records, and more, Atlantic Creek provides valuable insights into the marine ecosystem. The platform also shows places in the ocean with high pollution, increase or decrease in sea levels, pressure, temperature, and so on. Additionally, Atlantic Creek shows areas on the map where fishing should be prohibited due to various reasons. An extra aim of the startup is to show the possibility of encountering species of fishes in particular regions around the world, and to show the best locations to conduct research about certain fishes and pollutants. This information can be used by researchers, environmentalists, governments, and fishing companies to make informed decisions about how to interact with the ocean. Atlantic Creek will be an IoT platform that has devices in rivers, oceans, streams, etc. that transmit data to servers. These devices will be powered with Prince Edward Island, Canada as its primary source of energy. The devices will be mounted at the bottom of water bodies and are connected to each other with wires. The data is then transmitted to a server and then to client devices. The market for Atlantic Creek’s services is vast and includes researchers, environmentalists, governments, and fishing companies. There is a growing need for real-time data about the ocean and its inhabitants due to the increasing concerns about climate change and its effects on marine life. Atlantic Creek will target its marketing efforts towards research institutions, environmental organizations, governments, and fishing companies. The startup will use social media, conferences, and partnerships to reach its target audience. The initial costs for Atlantic Creek will include the development of the IoT devices and the platform, as well as marketing efforts. The startup will generate revenue through subscriptions from its clients. In summary, Atlantic Creek is a startup that aims to enhance our understanding of the ocean by providing real-time data about its inhabitants and environment. With its innovative IoT platform and vast market potential, Atlantic Creek has the potential to make a significant impact on how we interact with the ocean.


1 Author

MindSage an innovative AI-Enhanced Mental Health Platform called mindsage, designed to revolutionize the mental health sector. The platform leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to offer personalized, accessible, and effective mental health support to individuals in need.


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