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I am working and do not have much time. Is the program still something for me?

Yes, our online tools are designed so that you can do them at your own pace and repeat them as often as you like. Our labs and workshops are usually held online as well. There may be a few offline events (labs and workshops) where you may need to take a half day off.

How much time do I have to plan for the program?

That depends entirely on your interest. We have designed the program so that you can complete it even if you are working. We recommend 4 hours per week. Keep in mind that we also have events (labs and workshops) that take up half a day.

I am already at retirement age. Am I too old for these reasons?

Not at all. Good ideas can be refined and developed at any age. In our environment, there are several founders who have started again after their professional career and benefit from their own experience, networks and composure. Founding keeps you young.

I don't have a good idea yet. Can I still take part in the Masterclass?

Yes, very much so! The program helps you to find an idea concept that fits your personality. Furthermore, you can work on it during the program and present it within the community.

I'm still a bit hesitant and not quite sure whether I really have what it takes to be a founder. Maybe I'd rather stay with my permanent job. Should I join the program anyway?

Yeah, right! Then just think of it as an exciting journey into the world of startup enthusiasts and a kind of personality development. For sure you will meet similar contemporaries in our community. For us, it's about not losing sight of your own rhythm and making sure that your own ideas unfold coherently with your personality. Many founders are still working for years at the same time. And that's a good thing. However, there are some offline events (labs and workshops) where you may have to take half a day off.

How do you handle my sensitive data? I am afraid that someone will steal my idea.

You only give away what you feel comfortable with. We have been working on the topic of entrepreneurship for years and have accompanied many entrepreneurs on their start-up journey. Many have made their ideas public at our Summit or at the Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition. So far, there has been no reason to take legal action because someone stole an idea. If this should become necessary, we will stand by you and support you.

Do I have to register for the workshops?

Yes, you have to register for the workshops.

I'm just looking for capital and support on how to get to it fast. Will the program do anything for me then?

No. If you are only looking for capital, you have come to the wrong place.

I have already read Mr. Faltin's books. Will I learn anything new at the Masterclass?

The book „Brains versus capital” is a very good basis for future entrepreneurs. It leads through the program like a red line. In addition, the Masterclass is filled with a lot more content, where you can work on your idea both theoretically and practically. In addition, the community offers you extra feedback. If you have already read the books, give them away to a friend and ask them if they would like to participate in the Masterclass with you.

There are so many start-up consultancies! What is special about you then?

With us, you learn to develop a mature concept - Entrepreneurial Design - from your initial ideas using different methods and with feedback and support. You will find your learning and working type, work systematically on your own idea concept. You become part of our community and meet like-minded entrepreneurs. We understand entrepreneurship as a chance to work with unconventional ideas and perspectives and thus to break up established structures. The idea and the entrepreneurial design are our focus.

I don't live in Berlin and won't be able to attend the labs and workshops in Berlin. Is it still worthwhile to participate in the Masterclass?

The labs and workshops are an important part of the program. It is certainly worthwhile to participate in these. On the other hand, our online program, the online courses and the community of like-minded people is also very versatile and rich. This content alone gives you a lot of support for your startup.

Wow! 800,- Euro is quite a lot of money!

We are aware that the sum of 800,- Euro in one piece is a lot of money. Calculated over a month, that's about 67 euros. The value you get is great: teaching material, input from experienced instructors, a community. In addition, all online dates are covered by the price. Only in the case of optional workshops that take place on external premises, you may have to pay a share of the costs.

What is the education bonus/education voucher?

NOTE: This info is only for German citizens!

„The education bonus program has been in place since the end of 2008. With it, the federal government wants to support working people with low incomes in their job-related continuing education.” (Source: https://www.bildungspraemie.info/de/programm-bildungspraemie-21.php)

Here it is important to note: „Premium vouchers can be used in most federal states regardless of the amount of the event fees. Exceptions apply to further training courses that take place in the federal states of Brandenburg, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Schleswig-Holstein. Here, premium vouchers can only be used if the fees do not exceed 1,000 euros. For people living in these states, there are state programs that support more expensive continuing education.”


What has to be done to get an education voucher/education bonus?

NOTE: This info is only for German citizens!

1. look for yourself through the prerequisite check, whether you are eligible.

2. visit the counseling center free of charge (find the center here: https://www.bildungspraemie.info/de/beratungsstelle-suchen-25.php or make an appointment by phone: 0800 26 23 000).

3. receive premium coupon (which takes over 50% of the training further costs) and

4. submit in ORIGINAL to us

5. wait for invoice from us and then pay it

Here is also a helpful Youtube video explaining the education bonus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itp2B4tlrro

Do I have access to the content even if the masterclass has ended?

Yes, you are now part of our community and have unlimited access to our content and community

Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition

Can my friends and I apply as a team?

You are welcome to register as a team. The requirement is that each team member has their own campus account. One team member can create the idea/project in the user area and add the other team members to the idea/project. In this way, the same idea/project will appear in the profiles of all team members.

Note: Only the team member who created the idea can submit it to the CEC and work on it and make changes. All other team members cannot make changes to the idea/project itself. They have read-only access. Group accounts are not allowed!

How many members are allowed to be together on one team?

There is not a limit to the number of a team members.

Can I submit more than one entry?

Yes, you can submit more than one entry as long as they tackle different issues.

Can I submit my idea/project in a language other than English?

No! Ideas and projects must be in English. Other languages cannot be considered.

Where can I find the published ideas and projects?

All ideas and projects that meet the criteria for the voting phase and have been accepted by the admin will be published on our website for all to see when voting starts. Thus they are also visible for non-registered users. After the voting they will disappear again from the public website and will only be visible for the campus community.

You can decide before and after the CEC if you want to share your idea/project with the whole campus community or only your friends. You can define the setting in the dashboard individually for each idea/project.

Your idea/project will get its own page after publication and will also appear in your profile.

I’m trying to upload pictures to my idea/project but they don’t save. Why does this happen?

This issue can happen because of the image size. The size can’t be more than 2 MB. Please resize your images.

Note: Please make sure that you own the rights for the uploaded images. If you upload images for which you do not own the license and we are served with a warning, you will have to pay the costs.

Here are two websites that offer free images for commercial use:

Unsplash and Pixabay

Are the Winners selected by voting or by the panel of judges?

Firstly, the votes decide which ideas and projects from all the submissions make it into the top 10. Our expert jury then selects the winners from these 10 ideas and projects and decides on the ranking.

Check out our judges

How do I work on my idea/project concept?

The offer of the Campus is intended to help you to work step by step on your idea or to elaborate your project. For this purpose, you will find numerous materials in the members' area, such as videos, podcasts, literature on the topic of entrepreneurship, two entrepreneurship courses and the Entrepreneurial Design Canvas (EDC). The Canvas was developed specifically for the campus community and is designed to help you look at your idea/project from different perspectives, question and rethink things to come up with a conceptual creative Entrepreneurial Design (business model) in the end.

Important: Completion of both the „Brains versus Capital” and „Sustainable Entrepreneurship” courses, as well as a fully completed EDC, are prerequisites for participation in the Voting Phase of the CEC.

Can I vote for my entry?

Yes sure, you can vote for your entry.

How to promote my idea and get more votes?

You should promote your idea/project to your friends and contacts. Social media is really helpful in such cases. You can use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or other platforms for announcing that your idea or project is now part of the Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition. You can also highlight how much this means to you and how your idea benefits others. You can also engage with the other members of the Campus Community and encourage them to vote for your idea/project.

What can I win?

There are no cash prizes, scholarships or other financial resources in the CEC. You gain knowledge, contacts, a business plan in the form of our Entrepreneurial Design (as long as you complete it conscientiously) and an official certificate from Stiftung Entrepreneurship (Foundation Entrepreneurship) on the completion of the Entrepreneurship courses and the placement in the Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition.

Our FAQs didn't help you either?

If so, you have two options: ask the Campus Community or send us an email to campus[at]entrepreneurship.de.


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