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Published on: Mar 27, 2022Ecological Entrepreneurship
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Leuchtschrift auf einer Wand: You are what you listen to.

Profit maximization is obsolete - creative work is the new principle for action in order to find sustainable ways into the future with economic solutions. Entrepreneurs are more flexible in this respect, able to take up new developments more quickly and to adapt to ever new requirements. Today, entrepreneurs with convincing and sustainable business concepts are in demand. With their products, they make innovative solutions tangible and the future tangible.

Prof. Günter Faltin and Detlef Gürtler were guests on the podcast Aufwind Zukunft and spoke with Dirk Sander and Oliver Kuschel about sustainable business. Aufwind Zukunft deals with the pressing social and ecological challenges of our time. Dirk Sander and Oliver Kuschel are managing directors of the non-profit Anthropia gGmbH, which operates the Impact Factory, a start-up factory for social innovations. Detlef Gürtler is a business journalist and senior researcher at the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute and focuses on the future and models of thinking that lead us toward sustainability.

In the podcast, they explore the questions, among others:

What opportunities are there within "capitalism" to shape sustainable change? Is it enough to rely on "the young people" to break new ground? Do we need a different regulatory approach? What role does financial capitalism play in transformation?

Listen in to the podcast episode:

Listen here!



Excerpt from Podcast Aufwind Zukunft from 25.03.2022, an initiative of Anthropia gGmbH and TAS Emotional Marketing. All rights reserved.


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