The Great Transformation

Published on: Sep 17, 2020Entrepreneurship Summit
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The Great Transformation

English program points

In addition to the keynotes in English by Ryan Gellert and Prof. Otto Scharmer , this year - at the first digital Entrepreneurship Summit - there are also other English program items in the form of impulse groups, network tables and workshops and our program.

impulse groups

dr Nils Faltin works in his impulse group "Are virtual companies the new normal? Experiences from running a virtual company two years with everyone working from home" with the current questions about more flexible working models and the digitization of companies. He reports on his experiences as head of a virtual company:

Since our company Knowledge Symphony GmbH was funded and started running two years ago I have been leading it from our home office. I am sharing experiences recruiting technical freelancers on the international platform Udemy and then working with people from India, Sri Lanka, Argentina, Nigeria, Finland, Netherlands, Poland and Ukraine purely remotely. We have used digital platforms for software development (Bitbucket, Gitlab) and digital communication (Slack, Zoom) to build software for providing digital knowledge at the industrial workplace. Lately, as a German company, we have hired our first technical employee in Poland and navigated the legal (like bi-lingual work contract), social security and tax implications.

Rika Jean-Francois (Messe Berlin) and Oliver Puhe (innovation coach) are dedicated to the topic of responsible and sustainable tourism in their impulse group "The importance of social entrepreneurship in tourism" and are investigating how we can make tourism more sustainable together.


In the workshop "Using the Startup-Cockpit for Proof of Concept" with Prof. Sven Ripsas, you will learn to think about the profitability of your idea right from the start. The startup cockpit is a control tool that was designed for the first few months of an innovative start-up. It supports everyone who is founding with innovative ideas, whether digital or hardware production, whether with the intention of making a profit or as a social service provider.

In the workshop "Serendipity - How to boost your entrepreneurial awareness by making use of happy accidents and lucky discoeries" Kirsten Kohlhaw shows how you can strengthen your awareness, raise awareness of inner processes and structure outer processes better .

network table

You will meet Nicole Löser & Viktoria Trosien at our digital network table on the topic "Tackling burning issues by turning them into business opportunities - Meet the Plastic Revolution!" and show you which innovative business opportunities can arise from social problems:

From endless mountains of rubbish in the oceans to micro- and nano-plastic in drinking water and air, the world is choking on plastic madness - nature, animals, but also more and more we humans ourselves. Comprehensive solutions suitable for the masses still seem a long way off due to the insane cheapness of virgin plastics. So, Corona crisis is used by the oil industry to overturn already agreed environmental goals. Lobbyists fighting behind the scene to soften regulations on single use ban and EU plastic tax. It is all the more important to keep on pushing for change and showing that a plastic-free future is possible! That's why the Institute for Art and Innovation kicked off the Plastic Revolution, supporting young plastic innovators in expanding and accelerating their ideas into sustainable solutions. We are part of the change. And through entrepreneurship it is possible to turn a burning issue into a scalable business opportunity thus to push forward change on the long run. Within this session, you will get to know the inspiring plastic innovators and awardees from the Plastic Revolution - Young Impact Innovators Award. After a short intro into each of their solutions, we will look deeper and explore how they developed their ideas and on the process to scale up the ideas to maximize their impact and reach.

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