How Lifelong Learning Nurtures Entrepreneurship?

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How Lifelong Learning Nurtures Entrepreneurship?

Opsimath is the world for a person that starts or continues learning late in life. Most people tend to associate learning with formal school education and academic knowledge in general. Yet, the learning process takes place out of the classroom too.

Lifelong learners are an example. They are among those who focus on personal development outside of formal education institutions. The reasons why they do it are various. There is the pleasure of learning, which cannot stop when school ends. There is the necessity to learn new skills needed to pursue a given career path. There is also the option that someone didn’t have proper access to education at school age.
In terms of resources for lifelong learners, the basics have switched from books to online educational resources. This tech-based adjustment also altered the concept of self-taught skills.

Let’s take a simple example, languages.

If you would ask a self-taught person 25 years ago: How many languages do you know?
A possible answer would be: "I know three, English, Japanese, and French."
If you ask the same question now, a common answer could be: "I know six, English, Japanese, French, JavaScript, Python, and Rust."
This is a completely acceptable answer. It also gives a hint that in order to become a life-long learner in present times, one must keep on with the 21st-century skills, unless one has a passion for let’s say Egyptology or anthropology.

Back to the 21st-century skills, the list includes digital literacy, analytical and problem-solving skills, critical and strategic thinking, communication and listening, emotional intelligence, collaboration, management, curiosity, creativity, and imagination. Practically, it’s almost the same skillset that entrepreneurs need.
Both lifelong learning and entrepreneurship can provide better opportunities to improve the world around us and our quality of life. At the same time helps achieve personal fulfillment.

From a general point of view, everyone is a lifelong learner and everyone has the potential for entrepreneurship.
Some activities that combine forms of informal learning and entrepreneurship are hackathons, competitions, and all sorts of events where one can learn from others, have fun and find a purpose.
The Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition is one of these activities. It is the answer for those who want to learn more about entrepreneurship as a way to bring change.

You can get started too. Ask yourself: “What do I want to change in my life and in my city, town, or country?
At the Entrepreneurship Campus you will have the opportunity to take free online training and to network with other people that share the same goals, professional and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By joining the Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition with an idea or project you can sharpen some of the abovementioned coveted 21st-century skills.

Think about the word Opsimath. You can be an opsimath even though you never heard this term. In the same way, you can be an entrepreneur, although you never had the chance to tap into your potential. This can be your opportunity for success.

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