Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition 2023 - Finalists

The finalists of the Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition 2023 have been confirmed!

The participants had two months to refine and work on their ideas and projects with our courses and materials. They then had a month to activate their community to vote for their idea or project. The submissions from all over the world have set themselves the task of solving local or global problems with creative concepts; the ideas and projects address many different social and ecological areas.

During the evaluation of the votes, we noticed a few irregularities and for this reason we re-evaluated the submitted votes. As a result, a few ideas and projects were tied and so this year, instead of 10 ideas and projects, 13 submissions will make it to the final. 

The finalists of the CEC 2023:

Shower Saver

Eco-Chic Threads

Konek Kain

Preventing Disability through Immunization

NOBS Clothing - No Bullshit

"YouthBiz". Youth business simulation game


Women in Business : Self Worth and Business


Foodreigner - Authentic Taste and Fantastic Memory

RiseHire - Empowers Youth to Rise Higher

CoSoG Nepal

Brain2heart: Bridging the Gap Between Underprivileged Students and a Future in Medicine

Our jury of experts will now rate the ideas and projects according to the criteria of innovation, benefits for the customer, market opportunities, feasibility and adaptability, consistency with the person and relation to the SDGs. The points awarded will determine the ranking and the winners. 

We are keeping our fingers crossed for all finalists and would also like to thank the other participants for their contribution. 

After the CEC is before the CEC! If you also have an idea and want to work on it, then become part of our global Campus Community now and work on your idea with numerous materials and courses. Network with entrepreneurs from all over the world, exchange ideas and work together with inspiring personalities on a better, fairer and more sustainable future.

Be an entrepreneur.
There is no better alternative.

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Become an entrepreneur.
There is no better alternative.

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