LIVE TALK mit Alexandra Petrikat & Carolin Möllenbeck

Published on: Jul 5, 2022Entrepreneurship SummitLive Talk
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LIVE TALK mit Alexandra Petrikat & Carolin Möllenbeck

A new episode of LIVE TALK - ENTREPRENEURSHIP AT NOON is about to start. This week we have two fabulous female founders talking to Dr. Johanna Richter about their startup experiences.

Our Guests:

Alexandra Petrikat founded teethlovers, an effective organic tooth powder made from 100% natural ingredients, in 2020 together with Marie Greive. All of its components are organically grown, and the main mineral ingredients come from environmentally friendly German sources. The founders also placed great emphasis on sustainability when it came to packaging, using bamboo lids instead of petroleum-based plastic and designing their packaging to be easy to refill. In this interview, Alexandra Petrikat talks about her experiences during the founding period, shares her learnings and provides exciting insights and helpful tips for aspiring female founders.

Carolin Möllenbeck met her co-founder Jan Leponiemi at the Entrepreneurship Masterclass in 2019. As they both had the idea to develop concentrated cleaning products without plastic and only with the best ingredients, they joined forces without further ado and founded ooohne. With their mission "A clean planet and clean dishes" they want to revolutionize an industry that relies almost exclusively on single-use plastic. But ooohne not only replaces single-use plastic, they go one step further and also pay attention to sustainable ingredients in order to omit unnecessary chemicals. In the interview, Carolin Möllenbeck talks about her experiences as a founder, challenges and successes, and reveals how things are going with the plastic revolution.

Currently, ooohne is dedicated to the topic of transparency. Under the motto "ooohne lets its pants down", the founders will publish a new piece of information on their website every day from July 4 - 8, 2022, which other entrepreneurs prefer to keep secret. You'll learn everything from ingredients and suppliers to finances. There is also a transparency video: ooohne lets the pants down

You can watch the LIVE TALK with Alexandra Petrikat & Carolin Möllenbeck on Thursday, 07.07.22, at 12 o'clock on Youtube.

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