New Live-Format

Published on: Jun 3, 2022Entrepreneurship SummitLive Talk
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New Live-Format

LIVE TALK - Entrepreneurship at noon

In May we started a new format for you, the LIVE TALK. In live interviews, exciting personalities have their say and share their experiences and stories with you.

Günes Seyfarth kicked things off. Günes Seyfarth is a social / eco / serial entrepreneur and doer through and through. What looks simple is the result of childlike naivety, courage and the desire to make. In the meantime she has gained a lot of experience as an entrepreneur: There are for example Mamikreisel, now Vinted, diemacgyvers, @comkitmuc  (Community Kitchen) - just to name 3 of her numerous projects. She accompanies founders on their way to business success. Her projects are solutions of her life stages or anchored in her values: independence, sustainability and education.

If you missed the live event, you can watch the recording of the interview with Günes Seyfarth on YouTube:

Save the Date:

In our next LIVE TALK on 09.06. at 12 noon, we will be talking to one of Germany's best-known brain researchers: Prof. Gerald Hüther. In practice, Prof. Gerald Hüther. is involved in neurobiological prevention research within the framework of various initiatives and projects. He writes non-fiction books, gives lectures, organizes congresses, works as a consultant for politicians and entrepreneurs, and is a frequent discussion guest on radio and television. The goal of his activities is to create more favorable conditions for the development of human potential.

Live Q&A: On 09.06. at 12 o'clock you can be present at the live interview and ask questions to Prof. Hüther in the chat.

The interview will be streamed live on YouTube at the link below. On YouTube you also have the possibility to set a reminder so you don't miss the live interview with Prof. Hüther.

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