Sustainable Startup Ideas to Try in 2022

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Sustainable Startup Ideas to Try in 2022

Not all business ideas are taken, especially if you’re searching for a sustainable startup idea.
Nowadays, the world is filled with problems. Solutions to such problems provide a win-win situation both for aspiring entrepreneurs and for the planet. The former makes a profit while offering sustainable solutions, while the latter becomes less choked in social and environmental problems.

Here’s some inspiration on what sustainable and innovative startup ideas you can try this year.

Remember, Consumers Are Waiting for Your Sustainable Products 


From healthy meal preps to lab-grown meat the options for food startups are countless

Food blogging
Meal perp-solutions
Plant-based alternatives for meat, eggs, seafood, dairy products, foie-gras, etc
Healthy snack subscription boxes
A local farmers/market delivery service
Businesses that connect farmers will local markets
A logistics solution that connects farmers with restaurants
Food waste solutions
A job listing platform for restaurants and catering businesses
Grocery delivery
Eco-friendly packaging in the food industry
Kitchen supplies
Pet food

Sustainable Agriculture

Solar refrigeration and storage for farmers
Tracking systems for the agri-food supply chain
Regenerative agriculture
An app that helps farmer calculate their input costs and pest management
Smart irrigation systems
Hydroponic and aquaponics farming
Tech powered farming solutions

Sustainable Fashion

Online marketplaces for sustainable fashion designers
Augmented reality apps that show customers how clothes or makeup looks on them
Outfit generators
Eco-friendly makeup production
3D fashion design and animation
Online marketplaces for the crafts sector
A brand-rating platform
Fashion upcycling
Second-hand shopping
Cloth renting service
Production of eco-friendly leather alternatives
Wool and knitting supplies
Indigenous clothing and crafts

Education, edTech startup ideas

Indigenous language teaching
Online/onsite foreign language education
A website for online coaching providers
A social network for educators
E-learning platforms for specific sectors
Stem and tech education for girls and children
Platforms for online schooling
Education solutions for people with disabilities
Connecting tutors with learners

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Health care

Female healthcare
Children and infant's healthcare
Mental health resources
Child malnourishment
An app that identifies health service gaps
Meditation and wellness apps or classes
Sleep help solutions
Online pharmacies
Home delivery of medicine

Sustainable tourism

Create local guides
Sustainable route planning
Shared travel and rentals
Bike and scooter renting
Live like a local
Bring tourists together with local chefs and artisans
Family homestays

Anything that helps tackle the plastic pollution problem

These and many more sectors are not only offering inspiration for sustainable solutions, but they are also growing markets.
Do you have an idea or project that contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals? You can submit it to CEC22. In the meantime, don't miss the opportunity to take our free online training on entrepreneurship.


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