Introducing: Proof of Concept Participants 2021

Published on: Oct 13, 2021Proof of ConceptEntrepreneurship Summit
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Introducing: Proof of Concept Participants 2021

Proof of Concept 2021 - our participants

This year's Entrepreneurship Summit - October 22-24, 2021 - will once again feature our annual Proof of Concept competition.

On Friday at 7pm online and on Saturday at 4:20pm offline, the 10 founders will present their product or service on the main stage in the Audimax. Afterwards, they have until Sunday afternoon to test their product/service directly on the market, generate first sales and get valuable feedback from the participants. You will find their booths on the upper floor of the Henry Ford Building.

To get started, you can get to know our Proof of Concept participants 2021 a little bit here.

1. Forever baby furniture: Modular. Changeable. Creative. Forever valuable.

Imagine you are going to be parents. You want to furnish the nursery and you know that all this will only be needed for a few years. Nevertheless, you want good things. Preferably the best.

Forever baby furniture - long, long, always new joy

You can build whatever you need from the standardized, modular parts: Changing table, crib, crib, toy box. Or whatever you feel like: toy shelf, table, chairs, play tunnel, castles, secret storage, shelves.

As versatile and robust as Lego.

Sustainable, because Forever

  • You can convert the furniture, create new play and living worlds - and thus use it longer.
  • When your little ones have really outgrown it, we'll take the pieces back - and refund 20% of the purchase price. Or you can sell or exchange them yourself: Our pieces last forever, staying fresh and looking as good as the day you bought them.

Better, because Forever

  • Inexpensive, because standardized parts. Example: Changing table approx. 40 €
  • Easy assembly, no screws or swallowable parts
  • No bulky waste, because of multiple use
  • Replacement and removal parts can be procured quickly
  • Forgery-proof thanks to blockchain technology
  • High quality material
  • Washable
  • Value-preserving



Would you like to go for a walk after being in front of the PC after a long day at work?
Do you always want to learn and develop yourself?
Would you also like to meet new people and expand your network?

If you answered yes to these three questions, then we have the right thing for you:

  • Via the portal GEHSPRAECHSPARTNER.DE you can get to know like-minded people, go for a walk with them and exchange ideas.
  • You can find GehSpächsPartner:innen in your area and go for a walk together to your favorite places.
  • You can also find Tele-GehTalksPartners: inside from other regions, because walking and making phone calls is also fun.

As a walking conversation partner you have a better quality of life:

  • Going for a walk : The movement while walking keeps you fit and healthy.
  • Getting to know : You have the opportunity to get to know people in an uncomplicated way. Having friends and company is essential for mental health, among other things.
  • Sharing : Talking to others about issues that bother you makes you move faster and helps you organize your thoughts. You learn from the experience and knowledge of others.

So become a part of our community and benefit from it.

We also need your support. Because we have concerns:

  • We want to help people move more and not have to sit everywhere: e.g. at school and at work. The human body is made for movement. We want to free people from sitting all the time:  walking frees them .
  • We want to contribute to people being less lonely, that they don't have to fend for themselves in challenging times, and that people support each other .
  • We want to enable learning to take place in a natural way Because we live in a time of upheaval and constantly have to learn new things. We need more exchange.

Be there! Become a GehTalksPartner!

3. Myona Life – Building blocks of your life

How many of us have ongoing health problems and wonder why things aren't getting better? Is it possible that the body is missing important building blocks , among other things, in order to become healthy?

We need a few dozen essential micronutrients every day. Vitamins, minerals, trace elements, etc. And: amino acids, the smallest protein building blocks .

Our body builds everything from it: muscles, bones, connective tissue, hormones, enzymes, hair, nails...

Our immune system also consists of amino acids, it is about 1.5 kg of pure protein (in the best case;).

They are essential for all of us . If one or more are missing, construction in the cells is halted .

In everyday life it is not so easy to get the right amount. Especially when there is a lot of stress and in challenging life situations. So it might make sense to add.

The goal of Myona Life is to draw the attention of the general public to the importance of a good supply of essential micronutrients and to offer good, sensible and transparent products at a fair price.

Myona Life Amino as the first product is a vegan powder with 8 essential amino acids that support the body in its daily regeneration. Made in Germany and free from harmful additives.

In the long term, a community of people who want to take their health into their own hands should develop . With the right diet (and sometimes that means good nutritional supplements), exercising as a daily habit, and mindful thoughts, we can already do a lot for ourselves. There is more than enough scientific knowledge on this. It is time that they finally arrived in everyday life.


4. IdeaSkyRocket – Ignite Ideas

A world in transition needs ideas that ignite and people that get things done. We, Max and Matthias are convinced that every team can easily develop and implement original ideas in order to master change. That's why we developed the serious game IdeaSkyRocket as a first step on the way to our vision. This guides teams through the process of finding and implementing ideas without any preparation and with a lot of fun, saving time, nerves and money. IdeaSkyRocket is not a classic board game, because its design automatically encourages creativity-enhancing movement.

The game starts with the warm-up and the definition of the problem, then navigates to brainstorming and culminates in the planning of the implementation of the idea. The teams catapult their ideas into ever higher spheres, change perspectives and leave well-trodden paths. IdeaSkyRocket is aimed at teams of 3 or more people who want to take around 2 hours to solve challenging problems. For even more turbo, the gaming experience is flanked by valuable expert tips and - optionally - personal support before and after the game. Just unpack the game and start!



Welcome to Colibri - the first and only online language learning platform connecting native speaking teachers from the Global South with students from the Global North.

Would you like to go beyond conventional teaching? Great, our fantastic teachers take you into their fascinating communities and take your lessons from the textbook to the streets. Have fun with the online language course on the beach in Galapagos.

Colibri. Learn & Explore


6. Auftrittsbooster finally safe in front of the camera

Many people get sweaty palms at the mere idea: they have to moderate the big team meeting, pitch the project on stage, present themselves in a social media video or even give a television interview.

Appearing in front of the camera is now part and parcel of many industries: if you want to make a career, if you want to sell, you have to be able to present yourself confidently and convincingly, and be able to formulate your own message aptly. This has been even more true since the outbreak of the pandemic, since home office and virtual meetings. 

You can do it! As a moderator with 20 years of experience on stage and especially on television, I would be happy to provide you with the necessary tools: effective and sensitive, tailored to your individual needs. In individual and group training sessions, I support you in shedding your shyness in front of the camera and instead appearing confident, convincing and authentic. An integral part of every training session: working in front of the camera. This is how you make visible and impressive progress in a short time. I will show you the way to your successful appearance and how to convey your content clearly and understandably.

Whether with the appearance booster , the potential developer  or the feedback shot - together we will make your next appearance a success. I look forward to meeting you!


7. ikonomo- intelligent haushalten

We make products for a frugal lifestyle. Our cutting board, cushions and shelves are functional and save resources: space, time, energy, materials, money.

We share the blueprints for free and show you how, where and with what you can build.

No time? Buy them from us :)

During development, we work together with our community. This creates products that are really, really needed.


8. turtuga
Good life. Improve the world. Make it easy.

turtuga is a portal for sustainable transformation. turtuga is information, education, community, marketplace, find engine and more in one. Everything in one place. It makes sustainable living easier and the world a better place. With you, the community, the idea grows and thrives. Every contribution counts.

We bundle everything you need to know for a sustainable lifestyle. We offer tools and services, show what's possible and bring together the many existing initiatives for a better world. We answer questions and make the most sustainable new products known. And we bring people together who really want to change something. Everyone can participate in turtuga and advance this community project.

We start small and have big plans. Step by step. So, now it's your turn. You can now easily do this:

  • Come to our website and register.
  • Take a look at our first great product, the "Donation Calendar Advent 2021". With this we support 24 sustainable initiatives together with you. Every day we present another great do-gooder project, give you tips for sustainability in everyday life, and there is also a competition.
  • And if you like our project, you can buy a voucher today and redeem it as soon as we have grown a bit bigger.

Thank you very much - we look forward to the change with you. Join the change maker community of - because yes, you can live your change!


9. Cookie Delight

I'm Fabiano. I've been a restaurateur for a long time. Today I am driven by my enthusiasm for inventions, creativity and nature.

Biscuit enjoyment is simple, creative, playful and, as the name suggests, full of indulgence!

I love to eat, cook and enjoy myself and my cookie creations are made with some of my favorite ingredients.

I am very inspired by the simplicity and the joie de vivre and the attitude towards life that was noticeable in several generations of my family when it came to the preparation and eating together.

That's why biscuit enjoyment is a treat that is best shared, because enjoyment connects!

The biscuit pleasure - baking mixes in reusable jars are characterized by selected and healthy ingredients. The basis of the recipe consists of oat leaves and sunflower seeds and, depending on the variation, it is supplemented with special ingredients such as nettle seeds, turmeric, cocoa nibs and rock salt. The enjoyable buyer can deal creatively with these mixtures and is thus sensitized to the quality of the food preparation and the resulting enjoyment through the process of self-determined production. Mindful enjoyment begins even before the meal, namely with the uncomplicated process of preparing this special and fresh treat. The biscuits and tapalions should encourage a nice togetherness, because they are great to share with friends and family. 


10. Running Pedals

Faster, safer and more comfortable bike pedals! -Dr. Samuel Smith

Faster, safer and more comfortable bike pedals! Who has ever felt pain from the bicycle saddle or bicycle pedals or tight, stiff bicycle shoes? Or you envy the additional 30% power that professional cyclists get from clipless pedals, but don't want to use it yourself, especially in heavy traffic? What if you could reap the benefits of these pedals by using more muscle groups, more running muscles, but still maintaining the freedom to step off the pedals at any time in any direction without any additional effort?

I have developed a new pedal design that allows you to do this! Which allows you to use more running muscles on more comfortable pedals, so you can cycle more efficiently and cover longer distances faster, safer, more relaxed and with less fatigue. I am a passionate cyclist and doctor with experience in radiology and rehabilitative medicine who now focuses full-time on product design and implementation.

The new pedals will be safer for several reasons:

1) They are safer than traditional bicycle pedals because the use of more running muscles spreads the joint pressure directions so that the pressure distribution on the affected joints is more even, causing less pressure per area and therefore better protection of the joint surfaces, even over a long period of time.

2) By choosing to stand up regularly while riding, the perineal area is relieved, protecting nerves and other sensitive tissue from excessive pressure directly or by protecting the blood flow to these areas without having to get off the bike.

3) And without binding to the pedals, you are safer when cycling compared to using road bike hooks or binding pedals, because now there is no risk of being prevented by the hook or binding when dismounting.


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