Introducing: The Latest

Published on: Jan 21, 2021Proof of Concept
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Introducing: The Latest

The Latest - The store for innovations

The Latest is a new kind of retail platform that supports innovative brands, start-ups and companies with exclusive presentation spaces on Ku'Damm. Initiated by leading global brand experience company Avantgarde . In the heart of Berlin, customers and prospects can be reached B2B and B2C, market research and large out-of-home campaigns are included. Currently, the store is looking for exciting and courageous founders and entrepreneurs who want to present their innovative products, apps and developments to a future-oriented audience. Sales take place directly on site at The Latest Store on Ku'Damm and 100% of the sales go to the partners.

An optimal place to test your product or service directly on the market. Proof of concept in all its glory. A market test helps founders to test their product or service on the customer without great risk. Experience and feedback help in the further development and improvement of the product or service and are later reflected in the success of the start-up.

When developing their own business idea, founders often get bogged down in details or pay too little attention to them. Sometimes, one is also driven by personal convictions and tastes, which do not find much sales on the market. A market test therefore provides a remedy and clarity. The Latest Store now offers founders a stationary retail store in which they can test their product or service without a large financial outlay and long-term rental commitment.

For years, founders have been able to test their product and service on participants directly on site in the Proof of Concept competition at our Entrepreneurship Summit. This not only gives them feedback but also allows them to make new, exciting contacts. Co-founder of The Latest Dhi Matiole Nune spoke about the idea of the store and the Proof of Concept Principle in the impual group "Founders Report - New Innovative Concepts", at the first digital Entrepreneurship Summit 2020. In addition, two other founders who have also made their experiences with Proof of Concept have their say.

If you are interested in product placement in The Latest Store, simply sign up on The Latest Landingpage and you will be called back.

Due to the current pandemic, The Latest Store is closed. However, founders can still offer their products or services for sale on The Latest's online store.

Headerbild: © The Latest Store

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