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Project Name: Green Planet Vision: to save soil fertility and spread awareness about environment-friendly farming for a sustainable future for the planet. Mission: to transform biodegradable waste into organic manure and reduce the amount of bio-waste on an industrial scale. Production: Kitchen waste, dry leaves, sawdust or cocopeat is collected in large containers/troughs and arranged for microbes with the help of semi-done compost, cow dung and sometimes buttermilk collected from various villages on the outskirts of the city purchased at a meagre cost. Bio-waste is sourced from the city council’s waste management agency and private waste collection businesses daily through yearly contracts and processed into organic manure at a fully automated plant based in Jaipur. The process includes detoxification of the waste, vermiculture, oxygenation and packaging in portable packages with the help of a team of skilled workers. Kitchen waste and cocopeat are layered in troughs with holes for oxygen to pass and microbed for 40-45 days. The process produces a smell-free and very safe manure for organic farming at a meagre cost. The manure is packaged in quantities of 5 kilograms, 10 kilograms, and 20 kilograms in degradable plastic bags and stored at a delivery depot from where it is shipped to consumers and customers. The product is branded as Green Planet Organic Manure and promoted through advertising in newspapers, social media and trade promotion fairs and meets. The product is sold solely through e-commerce to both consumers and customers.


My expertise include consulting to organizations that can benefit from your knowledge. This could involve helping them solve specific challenges, develop strategies, or improve processes. Share my knowledge and experiences by mentoring individuals within organizations. This can be particularly valuable for career development and leadership growth. Develop and lead training sessions or workshops related to your expertise. Many organizations value employee development and may be interested in your training services.

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