Montgomery Wagner

Montgomery Wagner

Co-Founder und Gescjäftsführer revoltech

Darmstadt, Germany


My name is Montgomery. I’m COO and co-founder of Revoltech, alongside my friends and partners, Julian and Lucas. Our bond, formed over 16 years ago in school, laid the foundation for our collaboration today.

After my A-levels, I embarked on a journey of learning and growth, starting with a commercial apprenticeship, followed by studies in political economy across Germany, Colombia, France, and the UK. During this time, I supported Lucas in procurement and development work all of which eventually led to what we do today. My career includes a pivotal role as a consultant for the German Chamber of Foreign Trade, where I acquired vital managerial and legal skills necessary for leading our business.

Our first product LOVR is an important contribution to cleaning up the textile industry and making it fit for the future. This is what drives us every day and makes our venture the best job in the world.

Company Facts

Revoltech, spearheaded by CEO Lucas Fuhrmann and co-founders Julian (CTO) and Montgomery (COO), is pioneering the development of LOVR, the world's first truly circular leather alternative. Revoltech’s innovation is addressing the significant environmental and ethical issues associated with animal and synthetic leather production. LOVR is a groundbreaking, 100% plastic-free and vegan material. With hemp fibers being its main ingredient, the material is biodegradable, recyclable and can be produced carbon neutrally. Designed to be both durable and versatile, LOVR promises exceptional material performance without compromising on sustainability or scalability. Leveraging existing machinery for production, Revoltech has successfully produced LOVR at an industrial scale, receiving positive feedback from high-profile clients like Volkswagen. Logo

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