The 2022 Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition Launched - #CEC22

Veröffentlicht am: Apr 1, 2022Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition
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The 2022 Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition Launched - #CEC22

The Entrepreneurship Campus is pleased to announce the launch of the Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition for 2022 (#CEC22). Once again, this competition calls on aspiring change-makers and promising leaders who are super passionate to materialize their innovative visions for a more equal and peaceful version of our world through entrepreneurship.

Starting today, April 1st, entries are being welcomed from anyone aged 13 or above (either individually or as part of a team). Like the previous competition, CEC22 will feature two different contests. Youngsters between the age of 13 and 29 will be eligible to compete in the Youth Competition. Meanwhile, young people and those who feel young despite their age but are 30 years of age and older will compete in the Adult Competition.

What else is needed? Entries have to be in English and they must contribute to at least one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Why Join the Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition?

The Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition is an opportunity for anyone who has a head filled with entrepreneurial ideas and projects but does not know which of them has the potential to turn into a great product, or how to execute it.

Firstly, the competition helps you as a contestant to pick one starting idea or to insist on improving an existing project.

Secondly, Entrepreneurship Training assists shape the right mindset needed to build a business concept and implement it in a smart, innovative, and efficient way.

Third, the online community is a pool of talented people who have already succeeded or failed. They have experience and knowledge to share.

Fourth, the CEC itself it’s not a traditional competition, where anyone competes to prove that his/her idea or project is the best. It is a contest based on cooperation and help. Also, you will have the chance to test yourself and find out if you are cut to become entrepreneurs. Can you handle the freedom and responsibilities that entrepreneurship brings? Are you able to stay loyal to the core values and ethics of sustainable entrepreneurship? Are you driven by profit or social benefit and community issues? Consider this a chance to get to know yourself and find out what you are made for.

Join especially if:
You’re too young and concerned to wait for university to get proper entrepreneurship education;
You never had the opportunity to get access to proper business or entrepreneurial training.

Entries should be submitted by Thursday, September 15, 2022, at 23:59 hours.

The public will have their say with an online vote and commenting process to support contestants and their entries. In addition to the public support, the contestants’ activity will define the finalists in each category of the competition. In the end, the distinguished members of our Jury will decide the winners.

Organized by the Stiftung Entrepreneurship, the Goi Peace Foundation, and Digital Experts United, the 2022 Citizen endorses Education2030, #ESDfor2030, and the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021-2030.

We’re looking forward to your amazing ideas and projects, #CEC22

The Entrepreneurship Campus Team


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