Take the Entrepreneurial Self-Awareness Questionnaire

Veröffentlicht am: May 30, 2022Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition
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Take the Entrepreneurial Self-Awareness Questionnaire

Dear members of the Entrepreneurship Campus and Contestants of the Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition,

You are invited to take a questionnaire that tackles self-awareness as a key contributor to entrepreneurial growth and success. Are you afraid that you won’t be able to manage failure or success? Do you sometimes lack the motivation to push on towards your goals, or do you find meaning in every daily action? Do you wonder if other entrepreneurs or wannapreneurs feel the same? This questionnaire aims to promote entrepreneurship and impact entrepreneurship amongst young people in the EU and wider.
The organizers of this project will create an Entrepreneurial Self-awareness Inventory to assist young entrepreneurs in their endeavors.

Take the questionnaire HERE

Source/ credit: OAZA

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