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Business examples for a smarter economy

Entrepreneurship for us is about transparency: in costs, in materials, in earnings and, last but not least, in the use of resources. Every year, we award prizes to ideas, projects and startups that live up to our claim of transparency. We want to show that sustainable business is not only possible, but also profitable.



In simplicity lies the highest perfection

The tea campaign as an approach to a different economy. A better, more convincing economy. For higher quality. For a more economical use of resources. For organic cultivation. Fair to the producers, fair to the employees. All this - and still a low price. Fair to customers, too. Not another company that extracts what it can from its customers. Making favorable prices instead of inflating brands.

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Rethinking the conventional office

In 1999, a small band of "young savages" set themselves a goal: to revolutionize the everyday work and office life of many entrepreneurs, so that they could work ON the company, not IN the company. Holger Johnson took on the classic office and thought it through profoundly. Where do the actual costs arise? What is important and indispensable, what could perhaps be done without?

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Pure concentrate, without any additives

Fruit juice is usually made from concentrate, to which the bottler adds water. Then you do not have to pay dearly for the water, and also do not have to carry it to your apartment. Just buy the concentrate, in a convenient bulk pack. You yourself keep stock, instead of paying the dealer for it.

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A different way to trade olive oil

Since 2001 we have been offering exclusive olive oils directly from producers in Italy, Spain, Greece and Portugal. Through bulk packaging, the purchase of a year's supply and the idea of the campaign, we enable a favorable price-performance ratio for this quality segment. In addition, we create transparency from the olive on the tree to the home kitchen.

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Work IN the company, not ON the company

As a founder, you don't want to do everything yourself, but rather take a division of labor approach and place the management of your own company in professional hands. Concept plus components: This is what the future of founding could look like.

Projektwerkstatt has set up a component portal to give founders an overview of the range of components already available.

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Ecological washing with a system

The story begins when a Munich lawyer became concerned about the environmental impact of laundry detergents. »I was helping my wife fold laundry«, says Wolfgang Kunz, »and wondered why Procter & Gamble, Henkel and Unilever only sell standardized washing powders, regardless of whether the water is soft or hard, which means you have to use either too much softener or too many surfactants. I came up with the idea of making my own detergent. One that suits the particular hardness level.«

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Serial founder Rafael Kugel

Serial founder Rafael Kugel's third venture. The first beverage from the Havelwasser product family, a new drink made from pear juice and wine, carbonated. „Havelwasser” is the counter-design to Alsterwasser, instead of beer with soda just pear juice and wine. Since the poem by Theodor Fontane about Herr Ribbeck zu Ribbeck in Havelland, in whose garden there was a pear tree, this drink can only be called „Havelwasser”.

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