Introducing: Proof of Concept Participant 2020

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Introducing: Proof of Concept Participant 2020

Proof of Concept 2020 - our participants

Our annual Proof of Concept competition will take place again at the first digital Entrepreneurship Summit - from October 9th to 11th, 2020.

On Friday at 5:45 p.m., the 10 founders will present their product or service virtually in a live stream. Afterwards they have the weekend to test their product/service directly on the market, to generate initial sales and to get valuable feedback from the participants. You can find their virtual stands under “Marketplace of Alternatives”.

To get started, you can get to know our Proof of Concept participants 2020 a little bit here.


1. mon.courage

One for everything and always at my side: no matter where my body needs care - with the Face & Body Stick from mon.courage I pamper my skin and hair from head to toe with selected vegetable fats, natural active ingredients and an irresistible fragrance.

The  solid body butter  based on shea and mango butter is a face and hand cream, lip balm, body lotion, foot care and massage oil, beard butter and hair treatment all in one. The ideal companion when travelling!

No more secrecy in the cosmetics industry! With mon.courage I not only make the ingredients and their purpose and origin openly accessible, but also my knowledge and my natural cosmetics recipes. And I go one step further: I openly explain the price calculation of the Face&Body Stick. 100% transparency! 

Eva, founder of mon.courage


2. Nice waiting

"Schöner waiting" is an innovative telephone hotline that has been awarded the German call center prize, which people waiting can use their mobile phones to call while waiting in order to learn the art of waiting.

Do you want to test the prototype of the "Schöner Warten" hotline? THEN TAKE YOUR MOBILE PHONE AND PHONE 0180 3 105 105! (9 cents / min landline, up to 42 cents / min mobile network)

You end up in an interactive telephone - radio play about waiting.

The menu offers a wide range of options: you can learn philosophical things about waiting, practice patience or simply waste time. Call and learn interesting facts about the history of the waiting loop at the WART Academy, have Kafka's "Before the Law" read to you or select a medley of the most beautiful waiting songs.

A special feature of the hotline is the waiting advisor: If you select this option in the menu, you will be connected at selected times to a waiting expert who will help you with the waiting in a personal telephone call and who will be available for a conversation. Waiting Advisors can be artists, scientists, well-known personalities or “everyday experts”.

"Beautiful Waiting" will soon be developed into an interactive telephone app and is suitable for real waiting situations in train stations, airports, tourist attractions or amusement parks. In addition, the service installation can be integrated into existing hotline queues in order to use them for extraordinary storytelling.


3. bathroom board

4 years ago I set myself the goal of reducing my plastic waste in the bathroom to a minimum. That's why I switched completely to soaps. The badbord makes the use of soap in the shower attractive. The soaps are guaranteed a stable and uncomplicated suspension and a long service life. In addition, the badbord offers a lot of fun: the new order - the space gained in your shower and the great mountains of foam that you can create with your bath brush.


4. Samples worldwide

Samples worldwide is a monthly subscription box with sweets or specialties from different countries, in sample size.

Link to the entrepreneur's website:


SENSES ART - these are art postcards and poems that have been specially coordinated and curated in sets of 5. For example, pictures by Michelangelo meet poems by Goethe. SENSES should touch the senses that ART inspire enthusiasm. Our concern is to revitalize culture again and again.

SENSES KUNST comes in the blue box for friends of beauty - at the Entrepreneurship Summit we present three main topics. Ideal for sending by post, as a special gift on festive days or as a source of inspiration for reflection in turbulent times.



RAUMUNIKATE are multifunctional design products. The combination of a square shape with different detailed components keeps creating new applications. In the first step: a wall clock, a lamp and a bowl. The quality: produced in my home country of southern Germany and recyclable.

My idea was to develop a UNIKAT that is one in production, can do a lot in function and leaves me as a designer SPACE for future product developments. We will find out together whether entrepreneurship can work like this for designers. I am very happy to be part of the Summit 2020, see you.


7. Cooper

Cooper app for business speed dating at random events.

Have you ever looked for a coach/consultant/childcare worker? These are long-term business relationships based on trust. You want to make the right choice because your future or the future of your family is at stake. In addition, these are usually larger expenses. What do you usually do?

You ask your friends, you look it up on google. Then make appointments. How many? Maybe 5 max? All this takes time and you still don't have a right choice. This process can be designed differently. That's the thinking behind the Cooper. In advance, the candidates are tested with a certified psychological test and tested for compatibility with you. At an event, you meet 10 matching consultants and have a brief chat with each one. Effective, efficient and non-binding.

If you are interested, exchange contact details during or after the event. Afterwards you make the decision yourself. Cooper Business Speed ​​Matching is the event where you talk to potential cooperation partners. It finds a matching in advance using a test


8. The Corona course for your company & friends

Ask a virologist who has researched zoonoses worldwide for many years. Everything you want to understand about viruses, masks, tests, the immune system, etc. Learn playfully in a team how you can best protect yourself and others from Corona in various situations at work and in everyday life - like the professionals. Understand scientific details by cooking laboratory experiments yourself. Presence workshop - live & in-house.

my name is dr Catherine Kopp. I am a virologist and zoonoses researcher and lead the corona course for your company and friends. In my many years of professional experience in high-security laboratories and remote ecosystems in Africa, I have come to know and respect the fascinating but dangerous world of these smallest pathogens. I would like to bring this wealth of experience closer to you and your team in an understandable and exciting way in our face-to-face and hybrid courses (virtual and live). Because only those who have understood the scientific basics of infection protection and diagnostic test procedures are motivated to take responsibility for themselves and others and to put this knowledge into practice in their professional and private everyday life. Are you in?

9. augentown - Matching contact lenses on your eyes

I'm Sylvia Hergert, master optician and contact lens specialist in my own practice. I think it's a shame that many people with ametropia see worse than it would be possible with suitable contact lenses. There is a lot of half-knowledge about contact lenses in the population.

Opticians, health insurance companies and ophthalmologists sometimes provide suboptimal advice. I often get email inquiries from people who can't find a lens specialist in their area. That needs to change! That's why I've developed an online contact lens consultation tailored to your eyes. It is manufacturer-independent and free of advertising.

On the one hand, you will learn which lenses are suitable for your eyes and why. On the other hand, you will learn about the cost sharing of the health insurance company. And thirdly, you will get an address list of competent lens specialists in your area diopter values. I bring ametropia and contact lens specialists together.


10. Breaking the Beneficial Trail

About me:

Ingo Reichmann, product designer and outdoor enthusiast, thinks we have to strive for more than sustainability to solve our environmental problems. He has been working on ways to put the Cradle to Cradle principle into practice for 5 years. Looking forward to further exciting projects for a useful footprint ( in his case Gr 48! ) to implement them cooperatively.


We develop outdoor clothing as nature would make it: functional and durable, made of material that is healthy for people and the environment and circulates in the biological cycle. For the first time, we implemented the Cradle to Cradle design principle with a positive impact on our soil and climate.

Vision 2040

The manufacture of products according to Cradle to Cradle has become a matter of course. We are well on the way to regenerating our soil with humus and can make our outdoor clothing from 100% renewable raw materials.

Outdoor clothing as nature would make it

I am founding the first outdoor brand with functional clothing designed according to the Cradle to Cradle design principle for the biological cycle. All components, which means that in addition to the wool, all other fibers, yarns and dyes are biodegradable and are already or can be certified according to Cradle to Cradle. With the available fibers, we can ensure the usual functionality of conventional outdoor clothing by combining them, but we can certainly convert the material completely into humus after use and thus actively build soil with our partners. Everything remains nutrient!

We start making products from merino knits. These are the important basics for all outdoor activities: shirts, base layers, socks and hats. The merino wool comes from the holistic management developed by Alan Savory, a grazing system that actively regenerates grassland and builds up humus in the soil. The impact is scientifically documented with the Ecoligical Outcome Verification (EOV).

Create your Impact: join The Beneficial Trail

The offer as a service business model offers the customer a positive impact and comfort and warmth when wearing, but also repair and return. The useful footprint consists of the impact when sourcing with EOV and the soil structure in regenerative agriculture after use with the humus as a nutrient. This closes the biological cycle and generates more living carbon to combat climate change.

With the digital tool "The Beneficial Trail", this impact is indicated transparently for the customer with the amount of stored carbon as an active contribution against climate change. My offer thus offers consumers the transformation into an eco-effective beneficial animal. The more they ask, the faster we move forward.

The material is first taken back centrally and converted to humus with a partner and used in regenerative agriculture. Later, the take-back will be made possible locally with regional partners. After this lighthouse project, the channel for the material cycle is to be made available to other companies and products, thus leading to a new, useful cooperation between industrial products and regenerative agriculture.

Affiliate link: Savory Global Land to Market Program

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