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„We replaced an "economy from above" with an "economy of the many." With new players, different values, new perspectives and smarter solutions to problems. Let's get involved!” Prof. Günter Faltin

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Founding with brains rather than capital

Entrepreneurship offers the chance to work on unconventional ideas and to disrupt established structures. We accompany aspiring entrepreneurs on their way to founding their own company: from the first idea to the market-ready product. 

Our offers enable you to work out your ideas, to exchange ideas at eye level and to get constructive feedback. A start-up is a marathon that is best mastered with like-minded people. Benefit from our network of founders who have already gone this way or are just about to start.

We need creative minds for a sustainable economy.

Become part of our international community.

What inspires us

Our offer


The Entrepreneurship Summit is an annual conference for entrepreneurs in Berlin with up to 1500 participants. Meet experts and exchange knowledge in workshops and impulse groups, socialize and make new contacts. 

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The Entrepreneurship Masterclass is a one-year entrepreneurship course in which you learn step by step the Faltinian method of founding. Work on your idea, alone or in a team, and turn it into a concept-creative entrepreneurial design. 

Note: The Masterclass will be held in German only!

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The Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition (CEC) is an international startup competition that empowers entrepreneurs to work on their idea or projects with free courses. Get feedback from the community, share and network globally with other entrepreneurs.

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ReConnect in Society

Mithilfe neuester wissenschaftlicher Erkenntnisse trainieren wir soziale Fähigkeiten wie Empathie, Selbst-Mitgefühl und Toleranz dem anderen gegenüber. Prof. Tania Singers Forschungsergebnisse unterstützen die Teilnehmer:innen Resilienzen für den Umgang mit sozialem Stress aufzubauen und die soziale Verbundenheit der eigenen Netzwerke ausbauen.

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Free Yunus

The Stiftung Entrepreneurship supports the protest against the imprisonment of Prof Yunus.


Free Yunus


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