How to Create Inclusive Societies?

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How to Create Inclusive Societies?

One of the first things that people who start studying codding learn is web accessibility. The power of the web, which makes it possible for you to read this now, is in its universality. This means that when software engineers code or develop, they create tools or services that work for all people, especially those with a wide range of disabilities. This is a fundamental principle, that makes it easier for everyone to connect, get, and share information, whether they have a disability or not. Web accessibility is the goal of people and organizations that create websites, applications, and new tools in a way that can benefit individuals and societies.

From this point of view, human society looks like it’s badly designed, but the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development aims to fix it. Like the World Wide Web, even the 2030 Agenda might have its power on its universality of principles, reach, commitment, and partnerships.
The 17 Sustainable Development Goals can help to fix badly designed societies. With a societal motivation or cause and an entrepreneurial mindset, everyone can learn how to look at old persisting problems with a fresh eye and think about inclusive solutions for everyone. Innovation often is delivered in the form of entrepreneurship.

Guenter Faltin points out the interesting example of Andreas Heinecke on his book Brains versus Capital. Heinecke was able to observe that the real barrier in interacting with disabled persons lies in people’s heads, their fears, and prejudices. Hence, he thought about ‘Dialogue in the Dark’ exhibit.
“This is a model that plunges sighted people into darkness, to be led by the blind and learn new ways of seeing. “Dialogue in the Dark” represents a unique system of integration whose goal is to overcome prejudices while at the same time avoiding pity as much as possible. The handicapped stand in the foreground with their abilities rather than with their disabilities. The project’s success lies in returning disadvantaged groups to a place in society.”

Faltin says that beyond their already impressive social commitment, social entrepreneurs create concepts that didn’t exist previously and put them into practice successfully. If you like this idea, you can learn more by taking the Entrepreneurship Campus free online training, which is based on the BvS book. One of the purposes of the training is to make entrepreneurial education available for everyone.

No matter if it’s a startup, a profit, or a non-profit organization, surveys show that purpose-driven initiatives evolve faster and do better than other types of organizations. Normally, it’s the people involved with the organization that is going to make a difference. They know, that a higher purpose will help to keep every team member engaged, to perform to their potential, and to bring their creativity to their jobs.
Moreover, satisfied customers, ethical concerns with respect to the organization, society, and the environment, fair results are among the factors that help an enterprise thrive and succeed. These are some of the principles that innovative social entrepreneurs must keep in mind when thinking about solutions to social problems.

Do you have an idea or project that would help make the world more inclusive for everyone? Join the 2020 Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition.

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